Advan TC-4 Wheels

Advan Racing TC-4 | What Makes it Special?

You might thing that the Advan TC4 is a replacement for the TC III and you’d be right.

Now, because they look the same, you might even think that the TC-4 is just a renamed TC III. And you’d be very wrong.

The TC-4 is a completely redesigned wheel.

This wheel is specifically targeted towards the racing enthusiast, made to withstand the rigorous abuse with r-compound or slick tires. The TC-4 features a Flow Formed cast construction and was designed for ample caliper clearance on vehicles such as the R35 GTR and Porsche GT3 RS.

The TC-4 is styled with a completely different concept of a full face 5-spoke wheel. The spoke side cut is applied only to the crotch part and the tip part of the spoke by computer analysis to optimize the balance between strength and weight reduction. This makes for a very strong and featherweight wheel.

You can have the TC-4 in any width you desire from 7 to 11 inches. But you have only one option in diameter, 18 inches. This makes it especially available to modern sports sedans and sport coupes.

The ADVAN Racing logo is cast between the spokes of the rim part at a height of 1 mm or more, and the top surface of the character is cut after painting. Also included is a new logo TC - 4 dedicated spoke sticker.

It comes with many beautiful finishes and one of them is the very special candy red. Red wheels are used in the early years of racing to identify that a car is meant to go racing.