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Why Replace Your Air Filter?

Your engine functions like a large air pump, constantly sucking air in and pushing it back out. Clean air is vital to the longevity of your engine, which is why all cars utilize an engine air filter. Without an air filter, dust and dirt will get sucked into the engine and cause detrimental damage over long periods of time.

Replacing your OEM air filter is part of regular vehicle maintenance and upgrading to a high-performance air filter is great way to improve the life of your engine while also improving power. An aftermarket high-performance filter will offer better flow and better filtration than a basic filter. Many aftermarket air filters are also washable and reusable, eliminating the need to buy a new air filter.

Vivid Racing’s catalog of high-performance and replacement air filters includes everything from flat panel filters and colored air filters, to super hybrid filters, air cleaner filters and sports air filters. For certain models of cars, we have yellow, grey, green, red and blue air filters. We also have panel air filters for those models that require a high-performance panel air filter.

We also offer a wide array of different cold air intakes, ram air intakes, intake boxes, intake tubes, and more!