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Short Ram Air Intakes!

Sucking is good. Efficient sucking is better.

All engines require a steady stream of air to run properly. Air is essential to an internal combustion engine. Without air, cars won’t work. It is a good thing that humans need air to live because there is an abundant supply of air. 

The challenge now lies in getting more air into the engine.

What are Short Ram Intakes?

Most factory intakes are made with making an engine run while minimizing cost. The result is a ribbed plastic intake tube that looks rather ungainly. The ugly tube is then connected to an ugly plastic box where the stock filter lives. And that is basically where the first step of combustion happens.

The result is a running engine. But one that could run smoother when further optimized. More air into the engine means more power. A smoother passage of air into the combustion chamber means less turbulence. That is the job of a short ram intake.

Short ram air intakes feature a metal or rotomolded tube, paired with a larger and higher flowing air filter, flow has less restrictions in airflow compared to their stock counterparts. Some even include heat shields to block the hot air in the engine bay.  We want cold air in our engines because cold air is denser.

Unfortunately, many short ram air intakes aren’t as effective as a full cold air intake. The upside is, short ram intakes are the cheaper alternative to improving your engine’s airflow.

Worry not, though. We also offer a wide array of different replacement filters, cold air intakes, intake boxes, intake tubes, and more!