About ANRKY Wheels

The ANRKY Wheels brand comes from a long line of automotive enthusiasts and admirers of all things mechanical. The team has been devoted to behind-the-scenes participation in all aspects of the industry as well as decades of study. This dedication and extensive work ethic has guided ANRKY to an intense appreciation of the top craftsmanship, design, quality, engineering, and manufacturing of automotive products. It is this fixation that has driven ANRKY to disrupt the status quo and go well beyond the expectations of consumers. Furthermore, this obsession has driven ANRKY to partner with only those who share the same level of passion and desire for perfection. 

The Mission of ANRKY

ANRKY believes that a plateau exists, as does a clouding of fresh vision, that has resulted in automotive industry-wide mediocrity. ANRKY is committed to filling the void that exists within the aftermarket world and bringing a fresh perspective to the wheel market. In choosing the best manufacturing options for the brand, ANRKY didn’t just go to anyone with a CNC machine; the company went to the industry leader in the development of custom wheels. Such includes top-of-the-line machinery and robotic automation. To this day, ANRKY is evolving daily in order to bring the most influential and innovative combination of design, quality, and fitment to its client base. 

What Does ANRKY Offer?

ANRKY produces a wide lineup of attractive, quality, luxury forged wheels divided among five different series: the X-Series, Retro Series, Series One, Series Two, and Series Three. The X-Series includes one- and three-piece configurations and is engineered to be ultra-lightweight. These wheels are made from 6061-T6 heat-treated forged aluminum right here in the USA. The Retro Series features standard lightweight backpad pocketing and comes in two different profiles, lip options, and center lock options. The Series One line is made up of one-piece monoblock wheels that boast a strong construction all while being lightweight. The Series Two line features a two-piece forged contoured center disc with 50/50, exposed or hidden ARP hardware options. The Series Three line features a three-piece forged contoured center disc with a step lip construction.

Upgrade to ANRKY Wheels at Vivid Racing

If you are looking to add some oomph to your luxury vehicle, look no further than the experts over at ANRKY Wheels. ANRKY are lightweight, highly durable, and hardwearing so you can enjoy their luster and performance for years to come. There’s a reason these wheels are a favorite among even the most discerning of customers who demand the very best in looks, performance, and ride quality. Boasting the perfect combination of form and function, ANRKY’s impressive wheel lineup has what you need to set your vehicle apart. If you have any questions about ANRKY or its products, please do not hesitate to contact us at (480) 966-3040.