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High-Quality Stilo Helmets: Are They Good?

Among racing drivers, Stilo helmets are famous around the world. The company was the first to launch an open helmet with functional intercom and radio systems designed for racing applications. At the maximum motorsports stages, Stilo experts agree that efficiency, security, integrity, and convenience are the most severe concerns. Style racing helmets are suitable everywhere and are the first selection between racers, whether professionals or amateurs. Their lightweight, convenient, and stylish appearance are among the greatest.

Stilo Helmets Ideology

Its core ideology is Stilo's highest functionality. Stilo specifies that all the equipment needed by a driver must be provided as conventional: communications, intercom, drinking machine, earplugs, etc. Initially formed by an ex-rally champ in 1999, Stilo has assemblies and components in over 40 countries, including Australia, the US, Japan, etc. Each driver can be confident that they have a high-quality product when it comes to a company like Stilo USA.

The Italian helmet producer has fastened its status as the number one rally helmet provider in the motorsport environment since Stilo's inception in 1999. Contrary to other popular helmet brands, the focus was exclusively on creating motorsports helmets. Their excitement, ability, and creative design concepts can be directed to making the broadest range of motorsports helmets currently on the market.

Stilo’s Innovation

The WRC Rally Helmet was their first visit to the field of hyper helmet production. The innovative nature of its static boom was immediately liked by many professional and amateur racing rally drivers. The main element for making their helmets was that they were all way to engage in the intercom helmet function. This ensures you have a helmet of unmatched convenience that is completely straightforward when it comes to getting clear and concise directions from your co-driver.

After winning the Stilo Rally Helmet Industry, work began on an entire array of circuit helmets that culminated with their brand's appearance on the F1 stage in 2015. Motorsport’s emphasis has made Stilo the lightest and toughest helmet in the world that developed technologically innovative helmets such as the pioneering Zero series. All Stilo helmets are available immediately with various easy modes of treatment to match all the specifications from Vivid Racing with just one click away.

Stilo ST4 Formula 8860 Carbon Fiber Helmet

The ST4 Formula 8860 Helmet is designed for experienced racers who have to adhere to or are concerned about protecting the helmet with strict FIA 8860 regulations. This qualification ensures an unrivaled degree of defense against puncture and resistance to damage. There's a safer helmet you'll find nowhere. The Formula is ideal for open and closed cars, and an additional Aero package allows the airflow of open cars to be optimized. With integrated electronics, this helmet provides versatility while preserving a clean cabin, as well as an option of air supply or hydration. No cords or nozzles are dangling under the helmet — all perfectly align with the helmet shell.

Stilo ST4 Formula N Composite Helmet

The helmet's naked line called "N" goes further in lightness by cutting the built-in accessory connections on the helmet side. This makes the Full Formula style helmet in the world lightest. Without the much more costly carbon-high-titles shell and FIA 8860, the ST4F N Composite Helmet is the same helmet type as the ST4N Zero 8860. It has a Snell 2010 score that fulfills the criteria for helmet accreditations of almost all US-based racing prohibitions authorities. The Formula shape is useful with an optional Aero kit to maximize the airflow over the open cars’ helmet in open or closed cockpit cars. Includes an integral M6 nozzle for Head/Neck contact in the shell.

If a driver decides to be ahead of the rankings, then all specifics are of absolute significance. For optimum protection, weight, and audio properties, type helmets are selected. The ease in which the helmet is used during the race continues to be an important question, with each being built to be perfectly satisfied and provide a great match. Every moment is very critical when it comes to racing, and everyone will always pursue perfection. And it is exactly this reason since high-class drivers always give the right level of protection and security and specific concept, that choose Stilo helmets.

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