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Who is AutoExe?

AutoExe is a well-known Japanese company that specializes in the design and manufacture of parts for a range of Mazda vehicles. Based in Tokyo, Japan, AutoExe focuses on developing high-quality performance parts for street use. The company has extensive experience under its belt with many of its staff having formerly worked for Mazdaspeed in Japan, developing strong chassis, suspension, brake, and aero parts. AutoExe is committed to offering auto enthusiasts with the best street products that boast everyday usability, attractiveness, and are a joy to drive. The brand is best known for its Mazda RX8 aero kit, which delivers an aggressive appearance from front to back with unparalleled aerodynamics. AutoExe also produces performance parts like coilovers, brake lines, sway bars, and exhaust systems. 

The Man Behind AutoExe

AutoExe is the brainchild of Yojiro Terada, Mr.Le Mans himself. He is known for holding the record for the most participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans without an overall winning. He ran on 29 occasions since 1974, 28 of which were consecutive runs.

With a solid background and rotary racing experience to boot, AutoExe has maintained its footprint with Mazda vehicles within the tuning industry. AutoExe provides the Mazda community with some of the best quality aero body parts and suspension systems around. 

Product Development

All AutoExe products are ultimately designed for “street use,” which means standard everyday driving. In many cases, car tuning or customization is often thought of as something strictly meant for street racing circuits. However, AutoExe is specifically dedicated to genuine public street use and steers clear of designs that support “pointless and harmful obsessions.”

Unlike a majority of car tuners that specialize in one part from their own personal experience, AutoExe aims to provide the total tuning experience with parts for the entire car. That is because the company realizes the importance of parts that work seamlessly together, rather than combining parts from different makers to achieve that balance. 

AutoExe takes pride in having a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of stock cars. The company specializes in parts for Mazda cars because it realizes that it is not always possible to design a wide range of custom parts for a variety of makes and models. AutoExe uses only the best manufacturers that specialize in certain fields to fill its stringent specifications with highly reliable technology at low costs that help keep its parts competitively priced. 

Get AutoExe Parts at Vivid Racing

AutoExe designs parts that are meant for normal everyday use with the enthusiast in mind. That means that its products are practical and stylish without being too extreme or ridiculous. Vivid Racing carries a comprehensive lineup of AutoExe parts, including air filters, catback exhausts, mufflers, brake lines and pads, rotors, springs, sway bars, strut bars, body kits, aero parts, and much more! Whether you are looking to improve your vehicle’s performance, ride quality, or appearance, AutoExe at Vivid Racing has got you covered! Please call our expert sales team at (480) 966-3040 if you have any questions.