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Who Is Au-TOMOTIVE Gold? 

Au-TOMOTIVE Gold has been manufacturing and distributing the best accessories since 1992. If you will notice, they spell their name uniquely. This was on purpose as Au stands for gold. They claim that their manufacturing processes and products follow stringent quality control standards. That, we have to agree on. 

You can only expect premium items from this company. 

The Choice Of Most Drivers 

They have a wide array of products that are chosen by most drivers. They have license frames, key fob jackets, and even lanyards to name a few. 

The company understands that most consumers spend a considerable amount of time and effort to personalize their vehicles. Thus, their products fit for meticulous buyers who only want the best. 

Values Attention To Detail

What makes this company impressive is their attention to detail. You can see it from their products down to the packaging. It’s not surprising that more people are interested in getting one of Au-TOMOTIVE Gold products. 

In addition, they have excellent after-sales services, which guarantees that you are in the right hands. 

One Of The Best Accessory Providers 

The company is proud of their accessories as they have obtained automotive-related licenses for their products. This is due to the strict quality control they have in place. 

Purchase Au-TOMOTIVE From Vivid Racing 

If you want the best items for your needs, choosing Au-TOMOTIVE could be the perfect choice. Here at Vivid, we picked the right brands from each market. This one has exceeded our standards and we want you to enjoy its benefits. Check out our website and learn more about their product offering.