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AVO Bolt-On Billet Turbo Kit w/ Ceram Coat/ 3in Front Pipe Assy w/ Cat Subaru BRZ | Scion FR-S 2013+

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Model #S6Z12GS7B004T

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AVOTurboworld Upgrade Base Turbocharger Kit for the 2012+ Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S & 86!

The AVO Turbocharger kit is designed to work with both RHD and LHD models in all countries, and extensive testing has been done on both the Japanese Subaru BRZ and the US Market Scion FR-S. The Japanese BRZ has been track tested from day 1, and the US Market FR-S has spent 16 months and 25,000 miles testing and tuning in varying conditions, from 6000 feet and 0 degree temperatures, to sea level and below in the desert! This was done to ensure our kit will hold up as a daily driver where ever you go, whatever the conditions. All testing in the American market was conducted on 91 and 92 octane pump gas to ensure this is going to handle daily driving as well as the track.

The turbocharger kit is designed from top to bottom specifically for the FR-S and BRZ, and consists of the all the parts necessary to bolt the kit up to the car. We utilize an AVO2049 billet upgrade turbocharger that mounts up under the front of the engine via our stainless steel unequal ceramic coated exhaust manifold, and then it bolts up to the stock exhaust with our ceramic coated stainless steel turbo outlet (also referred to as a downpipe). Cooling the pressurized air is an aluminium bar and plate 3.5" upgrade front mount intercooler which uses black piping throughout, mechanical oil scavenging pump, oil reservoir tank, and all necessary water, oil hoses and fittings. This turbo kit has been designed to bolt up to the stock air intake box and to the stock exhaust system. We have spent a lot of time ensuring it will work with the standard fuelling system for a complete bolt on and go setup. The beauty of the system is that it looks very stock from above! The upgrade FMIC has been specifically designed to fit with the standard bumper without trimming as well, and on FR-S models would be difficult to see unless you are looking for it.

So what can you expect from this kit? From our testing, you will see anywhere from 230 to 250whp on pump gas with the base turbo, dependent upon the quality of the gas it is tuned for. cThis is due entirely to the fact that the stock motor is 12.5:1 compression, incredibly high for an n/a motor. This makes gas quality even more important than ever! If it wasn't for the fact that this FA20 motor is a completely different and modern design with an incredibly well made combustion chamber, we wouldn't even attempt to turbocharge these cars. But while many people associate it with the old EJ20 series motors from Subaru, there is absolutely no comparison besides the fact they are both boxer 4's made by Subaru. The entire design of the engine is different, especially the combustion chamber, which has been improved tremendously from anything previously made by Subaru. Not only is the engine a major step up, the ECU on this car is also a great design, reacting incredibly fast to knock and adjusting parameters to compensate. This helps increase the reliability of the turbocharged motor. As is well known by now, this is also a direct injection motor, helping both power and gas mileage. We've seen mpg figures as good as stock on the freeway, probably better than stock as we were not exactly sitting on cruise control during our testing!

Turbo Specifications: AVO18/49 Billet Hi-Flow Turbocharger with 11psi actuator - compressor wheel size 53/68mm / exhaust wheel size 49/56mm. This specially designed AVO18/49 Hi-Flow Billet turbocharger comes with a 11 psi actuator for precise boost control at higher psi levels, ensuring engine longevity. The turbocharger is rated for 450hp of flow, so there is certainly headroom available with it from the upgrade base kit.

Mechanical Oil Pump Specifications: We are unique in utilizing a mechanical oil pump that we locate at the back of the engine, which runs off the back of the RH camshaft. There is also a oil reservoir tank right off the turbocharger itself. This is the most reliable way to pull oil through the turbo to the engine, as it keeps the flow rate tied to the rpm speed of the motor, ensuring that it's properly scavenged at low rpms and idling, and has enough at high rpms. Front Mount Intercooler Specifications: Larger Bar & Plate Aluminum Intercooler with cast endtanks and the following size - Length = 19", Height = 8" & Width = 3.5". The intercooler kit utilizes black wire-reinforced silicone piping and two black powdercoated steel piping. The intake piping has ports to mount up a variety of blow-off valves, even OEM ones for a full stealth look.

The Upgrade Base Kit includes the following:

  • AVO1849 Billet Hi-Flow Turbocharger
  • 11 PSI Actuator
  • Ceramic Coated Unequal Turbo Manifold & 2 1/2" Turbo Outlet
  • Inconel Cylinder Head Studs
  • 3.5" Bar & Plate Intercooler; Combination of Steel & Silicon Intercooler & Intake Piping/Hosing
  • Turbo Mechanical Oil Suction Pump with Adaptor Plate
  • Turbo Oil Reservoir Oil Supply Line
  • Oil Filler Neck and Turbo PCV Valve
  • Billet Blow-Off Valve
  • Braided Turbo Oil Supply Line & Braided Mechanical Pump Oil Line

Other Part Numbers:
AVO #avoS6Z12GS7B004T

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Who is AVO?

AVO, also known as Advanced Vehicle Operations, is a company based in Australia and established in 1994. The company specializes in providing high-performance turbochargers and accessories, intercooler kits with the latest bar and plate core, link engine management systems, electronic components, and more. 

Today, they have become one of the go-to brands when it comes to high-performance upgrade parts.

When the company started, it was only operated by only seven staff in Springvale, Victoria. But as the company grew, it relocated to a bigger facility located at Taunton Drive Cheltenham, Melbourne, in 1998. Since then, the company has never stopped providing high-quality parts for its customers.

Headed By A Turbocharging Legend In Australia

Terry Wilson heads the company since it started. He has vast experience in turbocharging and has been working in the motorsport industry for more than 55 years. He has multiple achievements under his belt, such as being the first person in Australia to have a turbocharged racecar, the designer of the first twin-turbo 4wd Falcon in the world, and more.

He then applied all of his knowledge to the company. It allowed AVO to propel to the top and be recognized as one of the leading experts in turbocharging.

Purchase AVO Products At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for high-quality turbocharging parts and accessories, AVO is a brand you should consider. They provide their customers with the latest technology and quality products and are distributed in different parts of the world, such as Japan, Thailand, Australia, the USA, and Dubai.

To know more about AVO, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific needs.

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