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Who is AVO?

AVO, also known as Advanced Vehicle Operations, is a company based in Australia and established in 1994. The company specializes in providing high-performance turbochargers and accessories, intercooler kits with the latest bar and plate core, link engine management systems, electronic components, and more. 

Today, they have become one of the go-to brands when it comes to high-performance upgrade parts.

When the company started, it was only operated by only seven staff in Springvale, Victoria. But as the company grew, it relocated to a bigger facility located at Taunton Drive Cheltenham, Melbourne, in 1998. Since then, the company has never stopped providing high-quality parts for its customers.

Headed By A Turbocharging Legend In Australia

Terry Wilson heads the company since it started. He has vast experience in turbocharging and has been working in the motorsport industry for more than 55 years. He has multiple achievements under his belt, such as being the first person in Australia to have a turbocharged racecar, the designer of the first twin-turbo 4wd Falcon in the world, and more.

He then applied all of his knowledge to the company. It allowed AVO to propel to the top and be recognized as one of the leading experts in turbocharging.

Purchase AVO Products At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for high-quality turbocharging parts and accessories, AVO is a brand you should consider. They provide their customers with the latest technology and quality products and are distributed in different parts of the world, such as Japan, Thailand, Australia, the USA, and Dubai.

To know more about AVO, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific needs.