OEM Axles

OEM Axles

The axles are the supporting, moving, and steering components of your car or truck. Non-drive wheels are placed on stub axles, beam axles, and spindles, while drive wheels are installed on solid axles and halfshafts. In a live axle suspension system, a solid axle contains the differential and axle shafts. Still, in vehicles with independent suspension, halfshafts deliver power from the differential or transaxle to the wheels.

Solid axles are most commonly found in trucks and older RWD vehicles, although they can also be found at the front of heavy-duty trucks. The axle shafts can either be held within the differential with C-clips and revolve on roller bearings pressed into the axle tubes or bolted to the axle tubes with bearings pushed onto the shafts. The differential side gears are splined to the inner extremities of the axles. The axle assembly may be bolted on or integrated with the differential housing.

Halfshafts have splined shafts that protrude from the CV Joints on both ends and connect into the differential or transaxle's side gears on the inner ends and the wheel hubs on the outer ends. There is an intermediate shaft between the halfshaft and the transaxle on some automobiles.

Wearing CV Joints, as shown by noise and vibration, or damaged boots, which enable the connection to be polluted and wear early, can cause halfshafts to require replacement. On solid axles, axle bearings and differential parts can wear out, causing noise and vibration, and worn axle seals can lead to lubricant loss and brake part contamination.

Symptoms of Bad Car Axles

When your car tires refuse to rotate, this is the most evident indicator of a broken axle. The automobile will start without a problem. When you rev the engine, it will sound as joyful as a clam. There are no electrical problems???no warning lights on the dashboard, no strange clicking sounds. It. Just. Won't. Move. What causes this to happen? The most common cause is a bent axle joint that eventually snaps like a Slim Jim. A tow truck will be required to transport it to a nearby repair shop for an inspection and axle emergency repairs.

Car axles are fairly durable, but you'll notice it in the gas pedal when they're under stress. Your car may begin to strain if one axle is bent or damaged. When you shift it into gear, you'll notice that power isn't being delivered to the wheels (i.e., it's slow to accelerate).

The brake seal on the driveshaft of an AWD or 4WD vehicle may shift and spill small amounts of oil. When looking at the brake drum, you'll notice this. Axle CV joints could also spill grease, which is more difficult to detect. On the other hand, the joints will accumulate dirt, dry up, and degenerate quickly if this happens.

Where to Buy Replacement Car Axles?

We can handle everything from small axle bearing and seal repairs to major jobs like full rear axle replacement. Even regular service, though, might become more complicated. Some axle shaft bearing contact surfaces wear out, axles bend from wheel/tire contact with impediments such as curbs, and axle shaft splines twist when subjected to severe loads, complicating what began out as a bearing and seal maintenance. Direct replacement axle shafts, including the seal, bearing, and even wheel studs and nuts, save money and effort.

Our full halfshaft and rear axle components are the most cost-effective and time-saving options available. Simply replace your old shaft with our full replacement halfshaft assembly rather than invest a lot of time and effort to remove and check CV Joints once the halfshaft is taken. You'll not only save time and money, but you'll also feel safer knowing that all wear parts have been removed. Purchase a full replacement rear axle assembly that has been set up by professionals and has all common wear parts changed rather than just reconstructing and building a ring and pinion and bearing preloads.

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