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The Importance of a Battery Mount

With proper care, a battery can generally be expected to last three to five years, but neglect can dramatically shorten its lifespan. Now, of course, keeping the battery packed with distilled water and keeping the battery cables clean and tight ensures maximum battery life. 

But the other thing that is very important, and is often overlooked, even by those who take the time to check the fluid level of their battery, is the battery mount. This is the device that holds the battery firmly against its tray. It's imperative. 

The battery doesn't like the excessive vibration that can shorten its life. And it doesn't like falling out of its support tray against the engine and possibly into the fan. This could shorten his life, too.

That's why the battery mount is there, to keep the battery in place. Sure the battery takes a certain amount of bouncing around, just as the rest of the car (and passengers) do; but if the mount is loose, the battery can shake and vibrate much more than it usually would.

And suppose the battery mount is missing, as it sometimes is in older cars (sometimes because corrosion has eaten it away, or the last person to install a new battery just didn't bother to replace the mount). In that case, the battery can fall out of its tray and be damaged. So it is of utmost importance that your batteries are mounted securely.

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