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Why Choose BBS Wheels?

BBS has been developing genuine sports performance wheels for over four decades. These include winning pieces to more than 250 Series Championships, from Formula One to Word Rally Championships. They know what is needed to develop wheels and innovations that don’t just compete, but garner world titles.

Compared to the majority of other wheel manufacturers in the industry, BBS first started manufacturing wheels purely for racing. They have engineered and developed racing wheels for years before they were requested to make variants for road vehicles.

Today, BBS creates OE wheels for numerous prestigious automobile brands in the industry such as BMW, Ferrari, and Porsche. They know what’s required to deliver true performance alongside correct load rating, tolerances, and durability specifications.

BBS Forged Wheels

If you need optimum performance, forged wheels from BBS are the solution! BBS has been manufacturing aftermarket forged aluminum wheels for almost three decades. The company uses an exclusive multiple-stage Die-Forging process to build some of the toughest and most heavy-duty wheels.

BBS forged wheels are made from aerospace-grade alloys molded into complex styles and designs using 18 million pounds of pressure. Each advanced processing stage is managed in-house to ensure the birth of the finest forged wheels in the world.

BBS Performance Wheels

The Performance Line from BBS features a collection of high-performance flow-formed wheels. Flow Forming improves performance by fashioning a superior rim area than traditional cast construction. A lot of BBS Performance Wheels feature back milled spokes to eliminate excess material as well. These spokes are not just for style; they help reduce the weight of the wheel without compromising its strength and rigidity, substantially improving performance as a result.

BBS Design Wheels

The Design Line from BBS covers a selection of low-pressure cast wheel designs. To create a wheel that delivers years of reliable performance, it’s vital to have a premium casting blank. BBS uses a low-pressure aluminum casting method to produce the foundation of its lightweight alloy wheels. This allows BBC to manufacture an assortment of high-quality wheels with a value-based price point for an extensive array of applications.