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OEM Engine Bearings

There are many different types of bearings used in automobiles, such as needle bearings, ball and roller bearings, and tapered roller bearings, although plain bearings are the most frequent within the engine. These bearings are either cylindrical or comprised of two inserts that come together to form a cage. Bearings support parts like the crankshaft and camshaft, which rotate on a film of oil. The engine oil pump delivers oil under pressure.

Symptoms of Engine Bearing Failure

Bearing breakdown is one of the most subtle problems that can cause your engine to fail. Car-obsessed individuals prefer to disregard bearing problems, compensating for them by applying ever-thicker oil and keeping an eye on the gauges rather than simply replacing them as needed. Bearing wear, on the other hand, can have far-reaching effects not only for your engine but also for anything bolted to it.

Noise in the Engine

Most inexperienced auto enthusiasts have heard of rod knock, if not experienced it firsthand. Excess clearances caused by bearing wear allow the rod big-ends to strike on the crankshaft at the top and bottom of the piston stroke, resulting in rod knocks (a steady hammering that grows linearly with rpm). Rod knock is a solid sign that your bearings are worn out.

No Oil Pressure

Your oil pump pumps a specified volume of fluid per minute, say 20 gallons. If you have 20 little pressure breaches in your engine, such as hydraulic lifters, rocker arms, and spaces between your engine bearings, each leaking one gallon per minute, you'll have no oil pressure since oil is flowing out of the oil channels at the same rate as it is coming in.

Worn Belt with Transmission Noise

The ordinary bearing face that the crankshaft rides on, as well as a "thrust bearing" surface in the engine block that prevents the transmission from sliding back and forth, are the two types of bearing faces in your primary bearings. The thrust-bearing surface in the engine block, which is vertical, might wear down much like the main bearing surface. Worn thrust bearings can enable the crank to travel forward or backward enough to create excessive edge damage on the belts or backward enough to jam the torque converter into the transmission if there is adequate room on the rod journals.

The latter could, at the at least, cause transmission disturbance, and at the very worst, may lead the transmission to fail. The metal dust created by the torque converter pushing back on the oil pump can clog the filter, leading to fluid pressure loss and clutch slippage in the transmission as a reaction of the clogged filter and pump failure.

Different Engine Bearings

The construction of bearings vary according to their designated use: standard, high-performance, and racing, and there are far too many differences to go through here. Bi-metal and tri-metal bearings are the most common types. The lining material is attached on a solid and supportive steel backing in both cases. The lining of bi-metal bearings is made of aluminum alloy. Other metals can be added to strengthen the alloy, and the latest alloys incorporate silicone, which increases surface hardness dramatically.

Aluminum alloys containing silicone are extremely seizure resistant. Tri-metal bearings have a copper-bearing alloy intermediate layer and a lead-tin-copper alloy cover. They have the proper balance of strength, wear resistance, and embeddability (the ability to adhere to hard particles like dust and dirt, which would otherwise get trapped between the bearing and journal, causing journal degradation).

How does oil work in engine bearings?

Engine bearings require the proper amount of oil flow for good efficiency and extended life. The difference between the shaft diameter and the diameter of the fitted bearing is called clearance, and it usually ranges from 0.001" to 0.0035". With the crankshaft installed, Plastigage can be used to check primary and connecting rod bearing clearance, but much more accurate measurements can be made by measuring the journal diameter with a micrometer and the mounted bearing diameter with a bore gauge, then offsetting the micrometer dimension from the bore gauge dimension.

If the clearance is too great and the crankshaft is damaged, it can be ground down and undersized bearings installed. However, the primary or connecting rod container bores may be bigger than specified, necessitating sharpened alignment or reconditioning of the connecting rods' big ends.

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