About Belanger Headers

In the late 1950s, Jerry Belanger and brother Gaston took the automotive industry by storm with the most advanced header design used today: the Tri-Y header. Belanger is widely recognized for producing some of the best headers and exhaust systems in the business for the Dodge Viper, Challenger, and Charger, and Ram SRT. 

For nearly 70 years now, Belanger Headers has led the industry with cutting-edge technology and designs that have revolutionized performance exhausts forever. From the company’s invention of the legendary Tri-Y header, to X-pipes, H-pipes, and extensive race-winning designs, Belanger has paved the way for a new standard of excellence that has spanned seven consecutive decades. 

Why Should You Choose Belanger?

With the advent of computer-controlled engine systems, along with Belanger’s innovative designs, the brand has created remarkable technological advancements in the art and science of big horsepower gains and fuel efficiency with much lower emission rates. No matter what type of performance enhancements you are looking for, Belanger is sure to have the perfect package for you and your ride.

It’s no coincidence that Belanger Headers boasts a winning tradition and decades of experience in racing and street applications. That extensive know-how and real-world proficiency are drawn upon for each product it manufactures, and it shows! 

Belanger exhaust systems are known for having the best quality, best exhaust note, and proven to be among the most powerful. Belanger’s exhausts replace your car’s entire factory setup with performance headers, a catback system, high-flow catalytic converters, and new exhaust tips. The new system will run your car much cooler than its stock system and deliver noticeable power gains with increased efficiency to boot. The best part is Belanger’s systems are all complete bolt-ons; no cutting, welding, or modifications are necessary.

Upgrade to Belanger at Vivid Racing

If you are ready to take your vehicle’s performance to the next level, then look no further than Belanger Headers. Vivid Racing carries a comprehensive lineup of Belanger performance parts for a variety of makes and models. This includes everything from headers, test pipes, high-flow cats, and catbacks to exhaust tips, headers, mufflers, gaskets, and much more! If you cannot find a particular item above or have fitment questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (480) 966-3040. We look forward to assisting you with your build.