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Bikeman Performance Power & Speed Kit Polaris Ranger 900 13-17


Bikeman Performance

Model #15-317

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This product is for Racing Competition only and is not legal for use in highway or street vehicles or other non-racing competition off-road vehicles.

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Founded in 2004 - Bikeman Performance Plus is dedicated to giving you the best performance possible! This is not just their job but their passion! This is what they live for so let them unleash the potetional of your UTV to the max! They extensively test all of their products on the dyno and in the field to ensure you get the most performance possible!

Bikeman Performance Plus, engineers, tests and manufactures all their products right here in the USA! They are one of the fastest growing companies in the industry simply because they make products that work just as good or better than their competitors. They strive to make that extra horsepower others leave on the table while still being reliable. This is why you should choose Bikeman Performance Plus for all of your performance needs!

This kit includes the minimum parts you need to make some serious power! No matter if you ride trails, mud, or dunes, we know your Ranger 900 needs more power. From the factory, they are sluggish because of the heavy clutching and ECU tune that does not allow full RPM or even full throttle. We fix that by adding a performance tune which opens the throttle 100% and removes torque limiters. It also removes the soft and hard rev limit so we can increase peak RPM to between 8000-8500 where much more power is made. Fuel and timing adjustments are also made to improve overall performance. This Stage 1 clutch kit includes the Goldstar magnetic adjustable primary weights, and a custom BMP primary spring. These simple clutch changes allow the motor to rev much higher than factory to where the real power is made.

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  • Huge power gains that your Ranger really needs
  • + 27-28 HP gains on 2013-14 Models, +20 HP on 2015-Up Models
  • Makes your Ranger feel more like a RZR
  • Opens the throttle body up all the way for maximum horsepower!
  • See 75+ MPH (2 Door Models with clutching)
  • Speed limiters removed
  • Torque limiters removed
  • Locks throttle 1/1 with the pedal
  • Fan temp on/off is lowered
  • Optimized fuel & timing curves
  • Data logging - record data to the unit's SD card for up to 20 minutes. Data can be played back and viewed using the Bully Dog software on your PC
  • For the Ranger 900 you can monitor: throttle %, barometric pressure, RPM, speed, battery voltage, coolant temp, intake temp, timing MAG, timing PTO, injection Mag, injection PTO, MAP sensor, engine load
  • 0-60 and 1/4 mile performance tests
  • Read and erase trouble codes
  • Easy to install
  • Serial number specific. This unit can only be used to tune on one machine to prevent theft
  • *Must run 91 octane minimum*
  • Pick one tune from the list below for free, then pick additional tunes below for $49.97 each!
  • Polaris Ranger 900 13-17
  • Pictures used for marketing purposes only, actual product may vary

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Polaris Ranger 900

Who Is Bikeman Performance?

Bikeman Performance, started in 2004 and they're dedicated to providing the best performance solutions possible for their customers. Their passion for drag racing, hillclimb racing, and all other forms of racing is what has propelled them for so many years.

Bikeman Performance Plus is located in Saint Croix Falls, WI, in the 18,000 sq/ft facility. They engineer, test, manufacture, and ship all of their products right in the USA. Bikeman Performance is one of the industry's fastest-growing firms because it manufactures products that perform as well or better than its rivals, while aiming to ensure that additional power stays on the table while remaining efficient.

Why Choose Bikeman Performance?

As one of the fastest-growing companies in the Powersports industry, Bikeman Performance knows every little bit counts on the track or the trail. That's why they rigorously test every product to ensure it's as good as or better than factory standards in all aspects.

Bikeman Performance mufflers make as much or more power than their OEM counterparts while being significantly lighter for an additional performance boost, making your ride purr, bark, or howl precisely the way you like. We also carry exhaust headers and pipes that look sharp while getting you towards the finish line faster.

Bikeman Performance parts are designed for people who want to go fast, whether competing for a Snocross championship or bragging rights. Please contact our specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040.

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