Accuair Official “Endo” CVT Launch – Compressor, Valves and Tank ALL IN ONE – Teaser Included


The masters of Air-suspension have a new All-In-One solution for bulky Air ride components

Over the past decade air suspension components have improved dramatically. The days of full trunk set ups, clunky manual controls and unreliable air bags are long gone. Accuair has done great things for the suspension industry and they are still making continual improvements. The new Endo systems were released recently with the idea that you are able to upgrade or alter your set up at any time.

The new CVT System has an added component over the T and VT systems. They are now able to located the compressor inside of the tank. This not only saves space, it allows for more compact and complete set up. Wherever you decide to locate it. The great thing about the Endo systems is that you can install any additional components that Accuair offers as an “Upgrade”. You can start out with a basic tank set up and choose whether you want to fully integrate the set up or you can piece it together after the fact.

The CVT Tank set ups are currently being produced and are scheduled for order fulfillment in the summer. Please talk with a performance specialist for any ordering help you may need 1-480-960-3040 or Sales@vividracing.com

AA-ENDO-T5-RAW  AccuAir ENDO-T 5-Gallon Tank Raw   $249.00  
AA-ENDO-VT45-RAW  AccuAir ENDO-VT 5-Gallon Tank 4-Corner Valves Raw   $749.00  

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5 Responses to “Accuair Official “Endo” CVT Launch – Compressor, Valves and Tank ALL IN ONE – Teaser Included”

  1. Josh English says:

    Just wondering if u know a date of when the endo cvt will be released? Thank u

  2. Dan says:

    Someone will touch base with you shortly.

  3. vrcody says:

    Hi Josh, No official release date has been announced yet, as of right now Summer of 2017 is the only info we have. As soon as we have word of an actual date we will be posting it up! So, Keep checking back or follow us on Instagram @Vividracing for latest products and specials.

  4. Charles says:

    Your cvt tank will it come in more sizes than 5 gal?
    What is the outside size of the tank?

  5. Dan says:

    Charles thank you for the message. Will have one of the sales guys get back to you.

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