DINAN Tuning for the Mini Cooper is Back – Now with Factory Matched Warranty Coverage

Give your MINI Cooper a Considerable bump in Power with Warranty Coverage

Most people in the car modification industry have heard of a company named DINAN. Well known for their BMW tuning, they have recently pushed into the market for several other makes and models. Since the Mini Cooper brand is a subsidiary of BMW, it was only natural that they continued with tuning options for this platform.

DINAN has announced their new warranty program, which runs in conjunction with their new MINI tuning options. With a piggy-back styled tuning box installed, they will be matching the factory warranty from MINI USA. Generally for drive train warranty they offer a 4 year / 50k Mile warranty. This mileage and date warranty coverage will be matched for all installed ELITE tuner systems.

Now you do not have to be worried about MINI USA canceling your warranty due to engine modification. If anything is to go wrong, it is covered completely through DINAN. Power and peace of mind, that is generally a good thing to have. More information is posted below, including dyno numbers, model information and even more performance benefits. Click the links below to find individual products for your MINI Cooper.

If you have any questions regarding DINAN Tuning, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone at 1.480.966.3040 or via email at sales@Vividracing.com.

Click here to view our entire catalog of Dinan Performance products

“As many are aware Dinan has been slowly inching back into the MINI arena with various products after our exit from the marque following the 1st generation of vehicles.  While we have offered a couple products to date we have been elusive in offering a full warrantied tune for the 3rd generation of MINI’s… that is, until now.

Starting now your late model Cooper, Clubman, or Countryman, in all the possible flavors, can be tuned using Dinan’s signature DINANTRONICS Elite system. The results speak for themselves and you will surely be impressed  by the new found performance. Perhaps even better, you will be comforted in knowing that the Elite system carries the same factory matching new car warranty (4YR/50k) that Dinan is known for.”

D440-0052  Dinan DINANTRONICS Elite Performance Tuner MINI F54 Clubman B46|B48 Engine 16-17   $899.00  
 D440-0052  Dinan DINANTRONICS Elite Performance Tuner MINI F60 Countryman B46|B48 Engine 17-18   $899.00  
 D440-0052  Dinan DINANTRONICS Elite Performance Tuner MINI F54 Clubman B38 Engine 16-17   $899.00  




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4 Responses to “DINAN Tuning for the Mini Cooper is Back – Now with Factory Matched Warranty Coverage”

  1. Michael Stinson says:

    I recently purchased the JCW Countryman with 170 Kw, so does the DINAN tuning improve to the figures you publish on my model or is it for the Cooper S version !

  2. Hi Michael,

    They do offer tuning units for the JCW models! You will see noticeable gains in performance with the tuning modules. Shoot an email to Sales@Vividracing.com with your vehicle information and they can point you in the right direction!

  3. Whitey Roark says:

    I have a 2015 Mini Cooper S F56 with the OEM JCW Pro Tuning Kit installed. Which model Elite Tuner do I need, and what kind of HP numbers am I looking at since the S alone is rated 247hp with the Elite Tuner.

  4. Since the pro-tuning kits come with engine tuning, I am not sure a plug and play tuning box would yield larger results since the ECU is calibrated already.

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