New Release – Agency Power Performance Intake for BMW M240I / 340I / 440I

Take Your Turbo Straight 6 B58 To The next Level With An Agency Power Performance Intake System

The B58 Engine has replaced the N54 and N55 of past time. This new twin scroll turbo powered straight 6 bridges the gap between the standard 4 cylinder turbo models and M designated cars for the F87 and F30/F8x chassis. Improvements have been made for reliability and performance which creates smooth engine operation that responds very well to modification. One of the first mods when tuning a vehicles performance usually includes an air intake system. This allows the engine to breath better and gives the vehicle an intoxicating induction noise. The factory air box on the M240i/340i/440i creates a restriction and dampens the noise of the turbo spooling. While this is fine for the average commuter, people who are into modifying vehicles will always want the best performance possible. The new short ram intake from Agency power features restrictive-less bends that allow the vehicle to breath without any interruptions. The open filter element allows for a great noise from the intake / turbo which will make you want to use the accelerator pedal more than ever before. These intake systems were just released and are going to be shipping in the next few weeks. To place an order or for further inquiries about the intake system, please call a performance specialist at 1-480-966-3040 or email Sales@Vividracing.com.

Product Information 

One of the easiest ways to gain horsepower and improve your throttle response on the BMW 40i B58, turbocharged engine, is with an air intake kit. Agency Power’s new short ram air intake kit for the M240i, 340i, and 440i is a great first modification to do. The intake kit is a complete replacement for the OEM air box. The kit includes a new aluminum intake tube with CNC machined MAP sensor mount, precision cut heat shield with mounting tabs, and a new high flow air filter. The MAP sensor mount has been CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum to retain the factory fitment for proper readings.  It is than TIG welded to the aluminum intake tube for proper placement. The main part of the intake is the high flow air filter. It features an inlet on the end cap to allow for an even larger volume of air to come through than a standard cone filter. The design improves air filtration while increasing air flow. The air filter is finished off with the Agency Power text and AP logo on the rubber end cap. The heat shield is water jetted from aluminum with rubber trim to provide a secure fit and seal when the hood closes. It is designed to prevent direct hot air from the engine being sucked into the filter. Each heat shield features the AP logo neatly cut out from the shield panel for added style. All parts are finished in a matte black powder coat for an OEM look while the cylindrical air filter features a blue element matching to the BMW Roundel logo. With the new air filter, your turbocharger can breathe better than the factory intake allows. This is noticeable as you step on the accelerator and hear the turbo work (sucking air noise). Release the throttle and the factory blow off valve noise (whoosh) is more audible and keeps you entertained through the gears!


  • Aluminum construction
  • CNC machined MAP sensor mount
  • Black powder coat for OEM look
  • Reusable high flow air filter


  • BMW M240i F22
  • BMW 340i F30
  • BMW 440i F32


  • Heat shield was designed on the BMW M240i chassis and may require alterations or removal to work on the 340i and 440i.
AP-M240i-110  Agency Power Short Ram Air Intake BMW M240i | 340i | 440i   $275.00  

AP_M240i_Installed-2 AP_M240i_Installed-4 AP_M240i_Installed-6 AP_M240i-1 AP_M240i-2 AP_M240i-5 AP_M240i-11

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