Ferrari 458 Wheels

Ferrari 458 wheels are one of the first things people do to upgrade their Ferrari.  Aftermarket wheels really change up the look and allow you to customize your Ferrari to your taste and personality.  Most all Ferrari 458 wheels will be either a 1 piece forged or 3 piece forged wheel.  Forged wheels are lighter and stronger than a cast wheel and also cost much more.  Some Ferrari owners will opt to do a plus 1 size and go for a 20 inch front and a 21 inch rear.  You can even do a 21 front and 22 rear.  When you do a plus 1 setup, you will need to also get new TPMS sensors and Tires.  Since these type of wheels are custom made, worrying about fitment and brake clearance is not an issue as the wheel manufactures have these measurements.  You can even see what wheels look like on your own personal Ferrari with our Wheel App here.

Vivid Racing carries some of the most popular Ferrari 458 wheels from:

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Savini Forged Ferrari 458 Italia 21x9 and 22x11.5

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