How To Install a Cold Air Intake System On BMW M3 M4 F8x

This Install Guide is intended to help with the installation of the VR Performance Cold Air Intake Kit on the 2015 – 2018 BMW M3 F80 / M4 F82/F83. Trimming is required for proper intake fitment. 

VR Performance Front Mount Air Intake Kit BMW M3 F80 | M4 F82 / F83 - VR-F80M3-110



Remove carbon fiber strut brace. Un bolt 2 bolts toward front of engine.

AP-F80M-110_Install_4 AP-F80M-110_Install_5

Find the plastic bolts on cowl. Turn them to release cowl (should require only a slight turn.) Do this for both sides of vehicle.

AP-F80M-110_Install_7 AP-F80M-110_Install_8

Remove push pin that holds on cowl. On both sides of vehicle.

AP-F80M-110_Install_9 AP-F80M-110_Install_10

Once you are able to remove cover this will expose the 3 bolts on back of the strut bar. Remove the bolts on both sides of vehicle.

AP-F80M-110_Install_11AP-F80M-110_Install_12 AP-F80M-110_Install_13 AP-F80M-110_Install_14 AP-F80M-110_Install_15 AP-F80M-110_Install_16 AP-F80M-110_Install_17 AP-F80M-110_Install_18 AP-F80M-110_Install_19

Before removing the bar un bolt the final bolt mount on the driver side near reservoir.


Carefully remove the bar from vehicle.

AP-F80M-110_Install_21 AP-F80M-110_Install_22

From factory tube un clip tube.

AP-F80M-110_Install_23 AP-F80M-110_Install_24

Unplug sensor from tube on passenger side and tube that goes across front of vehicle.

AP-F80M-110_Install_25 AP-F80M-110_Install_26 AP-F80M-110_Install_27 AP-F80M-110_Install_28

Loosen clamp the connects passenger sided air box to tube.


Unhook tube from airbox and remove airbox.

AP-F80M-110_Install_32 AP-F80M-110_Install_33 AP-F80M-110_Install_34

With airbox removed unclamp and remove tube elbow.

AP-F80M-110_Install_35 AP-F80M-110_Install_36 AP-F80M-110_Install_37

Unclamp tube from airbox tube. Move line out of way and unclip airbox tube from vehicle front. Lift out the airbox assembly.

AP-F80M-110_Install_30AP-F80M-110_Install_38AP-F80M-110_Install_29AP-F80M-110_Install_39 AP-F80M-110_Install_40

Carefully pull out the rear section of the factory air scoops on each side of the vehicle. This section does have a release on top. Remove from of both sides of vehicle.

AP-F80M-110_Install_41 AP-F80M-110_Install_42 AP-F80M-110_Install_43 AP-F80M-110_Install_44 AP-F80M-110_Install_45

Unclip the BMW grilles and remove them.


On each side locate the screens. Remove them and release scoop to remove from both sides of vehicle.

AP-F80M-110_Install_46 AP-F80M-110_Install_47 AP-F80M-110_Install_48 AP-F80M-110_Install_49 AP-F80M-110_Install_50 AP-F80M-110_Install_51 AP-F80M-110_Install_52 AP-F80M-110_Install_53 AP-F80M-110_Install_54 AP-F80M-110_Install_55 AP-F80M-110_Install_56 AP-F80M-110_Install_57

Once remove trim the inner plastic to allow new tubes better clearance.


Un bolt each sensor and re install on the new tubes.

AP-F80M-110_Install_58 AP-F80M-110_Install_59 AP-F80M-110_Install_60 AP-F80M-110_Install_61 AP-F80M-110_Install_62 AP-F80M-110_Install_63 AP-F80M-110_Install_64

Install 90 elbow and clamp rear down.

AP-F80M-110_Install_65 AP-F80M-110_Install_66

Put the 45 degree coupler into place to allow for you to insert new tube and clamp.


Insert the new tube into the couplers.

AP-F80M-110_Install_74AP-F80M-110_Install_68 AP-F80M-110_Install_69

Insert the tube through the opening that you had to trim for tube clearance. Put into coupler and clamp.


Install the air filter onto the new tube and tighten all clamps once in place.

AP-F80M-110_Install_70 AP-F80M-110_Install_71

Insert new longer tube int the factory hose. And tighten.

AP-F80M-110_Install_72 AP-F80M-110_Install_73AP-F80M-110_Install_77

Insert 90 coupler and feed new front intake tube through hole that was trimmed on driver side. Once that is connected and tight. Line up coupler to new engine intake tube and tighten.


Install air filter and tighten all clamps once in place.


Re lay hose onto of engine and into support. Re attach sensor on both sides as well as tube in new front engine tube.


Re Install grilles.


Re install strut brace using by reversing removal instructions.

VR Performance Front Mount Air Intake Kit BMW M3 F80 | M4 F82 / F83 - VR-F80M3-110 - Image 10

Congratulation you have just installed the Agency Power BMW M3/M4 Intake System.

VR Performance Front Mount Air Intake Kit BMW M3 F80 | M4 F82 / F83 - VR-F80M3-110 - Image 12