VR Aero McLaren 570S Rear GT4 Spoiler Installation Guide

This guide is to assist with the installation of the Vivid Racing Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler/Wing for McLaren 570s. For additional info on this product please click here

Professional install is highly recommended!

Step 1) On the driver side door, locate the engine cover release button and press it (TOP BUTTON)

Step 2) Remove the two 4mm Allen head screws

Step 3) Next remove the engine cover carefully by grabbing each side of the engine cover and lifting upwards at the rear of the engine cover, with the engine cover slightly tilted upwards, slide the cover gently a few inches back towards the rear of the vehicle to free from the rubber grommets. Once free from the grommets you can lift the engine cover up and out of the vehicle. Use the photos provided below for reference.

Here are images for reference showing the mounting tabs on the engine cover.

Step 5) Remove the (8) bolts located on the inside of the side support brackets. Use the images below for reference.

Step 6) Remove the (3) bolts located on the underside of the upper support bracket. Remove only the inner (3) bolts that run horizontally across the underside of the upper support bracket. This will allow you to remove the entire bracket assembly as one piece. Use images below as reference.

Step 7) Remove the entire bracket assembly from the vehicle as shown. Use the images below for reference.

Step 8) Remove the (6) bolts securing the side support brackets to the upper support bracket. Once removed, swap the side support brackets over to the new Vivid Racing Upper Support Bracket. Use images below as reference.

Step 9) Remove the 3x rubber grommets and reinstall onto the new Vivid Racing Upper Bracket as shown.

Step 10) Re-install the Vivid Racing Wing Bracket Assembly using the existing OEM hardware.

Step 11) Using the provided cutting template, trim the highlighted area in red as shown.

If you are unsure of your abilities to complete this step, STOP and take the vehicle to a professional.

Step 12) Test fit the wing upright and re-trim if necessary.

Step 13)  Attach the Vivid Racing wing uprights to the support bracket assembly using the provided hardware. NOTE: The wing uprights can be extended upwards to change the height of the wing 1.75 inches from its lowest position.

Step 14) Next re-install the engine cover by carefully guiding it past the uprights. Use the provided images below for reference.

Step 15) Attach the Vivid Racing carbon fiber wing using the provided hardware. The holes on the uprights allow for up to 15 total adjustments. Each hole provides 3 degrees of adjustment.

You are all done!