Vivid Racing BMW F10 M5 with Grape Rotiform BLQ-T Forged Wheels - 279 views

James from Vivid Racing recently had a photoshoot done of his BMW M5 F10 and its new shoes. His car is sitting beautifully on a set of 21-inch Rotiform BLQ-T Forged Mono II wheels, with 21×9.5 at the front and 21×11 at the rear. To make his M5 stand out on the roads, James opted for a brushed base with prismatic anodized grape topcoat. The car also has an Armytrix exhaust system and is lowered with H&R lowering springs. See below for more information regarding the wheels and images he sent in from the photoshoot.

Additional Info: Rotiform Forged Monoblock wheels are 100% designed and built in the USA with ultra lightweight 6061-T6 Aluminum forged lathe blanks for superior strength. These blanks are CNC machined for lightness, and to achieve a cutting edge style. Each set of forged split Rotiform wheels are custom tailored and built to fit your taste and your car. Rotiform can build wheels in 14-inches up to 24-inches diameters, and 6-inch all the way up to 16-inch widths. Access to such a wide range for forging sizes allows them to configure a wheel to fit any look, or driving style. No matter what the application, fitment or color, the Rotiform BLQ wheels are a perfect blend of aggressiveness, durability and lightweight construction.


  • Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • CND Machined for lightness
  • Powder coated finishes available
  • Custom finishes of any combination available
  • Designed & built in the USA

Rotiform James Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-1 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-2 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-3 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-4 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-5 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-6 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-7 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-8 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-9 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-10 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-11 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-12 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-13 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-14 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-15 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-16 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-17 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-18 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-19 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-20 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-21 Rotiform_Grape_BMWM5-22

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