Customers Porsche Cayman S 981 With Armytrix Exhaust with Matte Black tips

Liven up your 981 with an Armytrix valvetronic exhaust system!

The mid engine Porsche Cayman 981 is one of the best handling sports car available. The Flat 6 which sits right behind the driver provides great balance and noise. The car in stock form is not at super car levels power wise, but it makes up for it with an amazing gearbox and awesome handling characteristics. From the factory the Cayman is refined and comfortable. Most owners want something that will liven up the vehicle and create more of a sports car noise. This is where the Armytrix valved exhaust comes into play. This system has the best of both worlds in terms of performance and sound. You can choose to be civil and keep the valves closed, or If you want to get on it a bit, the valves can be opened to make a straight through design with an intoxicating noise. Armytrix is one of the best selling aftermarket exhausts for the Porsche Cayman, the design and quality are the reasons behind that. Watch the videos below and check out the link for description and pictures. To view the entire Armytrix Catalog, CLICK HERE.

P81N1-DS24M  ARMYTRIX Stainless Steel Valvetronic Exhaust System Dual Matte Black Tips Porsche 981 Boxster 13-16   $3,780.00  


  • Link Pipe
  • Tail Pipe
  • Valvetronic Mufflers
  • Remote Control Module
  • Stainless Steel
  • Dual Chrome Silver Tips
  • 3 Mode Valve System to control exhaust sound
  • Horse Power Increase: +15.2 HP
  • Torque Increase: +24.4 Torque
  • Weight: +1.6kg

P81N Fitment:

  • Porsche 981 Boxster | Cayman 13-16

4 (3) 3 (3) 2 (4)1 (5)

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