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FairyDesign of Japan has some very creative aero kit designs.  Most recently, we showcased their CLA widebody kit on our Project Mercedes CLA45.  The 10 piece fender flare kit along with diffuser, front splitter, and trunk wing transformed the car into something it should have looked like as an AMG.  One area that FairyDesign specializes in is with Porsche cars.  For the Panamera they offer 2 different kits.  One is a the Version 1 which is very sleek on the front bumper incorporating the factory lights, while the Version 2 transform the Panamera front end into a more aggressive hybrid platform.  The V2 kit incorporates styling queues from the Macan Turbo with the use of the front marker lights and a Panamera GTS center grill.  The upper vent just below the hood is reminiscent of a GT3 and helps the styling flow nicely throughout the entire car.  All made from high quality FRP finished in black gel coat, the front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper incorporate sharp lines on the lower section to help give the Panamera a more aggressive stance.  Other features of the kit are simple headlight trim and a unique rear wing.  The mult-part rear wing for the Panamera non Turbo still goes up and down, but features a new wing blade on top.  To really make a kit like this look good, its all about the wheels.  One affordable yet perfect fitment is from Niche Wheels under their sport series.  The 1 piece Niche Anzio cast wheels come in a 22×9 5×130 +45mm and a 22×10.5 5×130 +55mm.  Wrapping these wheels in a set of Pirelli Pzero tires gives you the perfect performance with 265/30/22 and 325/25/22 sizes.

Our customer Jim Wallingford did an excellent job to complete the car from its stock life.  The painted calipers, matching painted trim, and professional body shop installation really brought the whole project together.

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JRW_7040-X3 JRW_7042-X3 JRW_7049-X3 JRW_7120-X3 JRW_7093-X3 JRW_7087-X3

jim-panamera-build-1 jim-panamera-build-2 jim-panamera-build-3 jim-panamera-build-4 jim-panamera-build-5 jim-panamera-build-6 jim-panamera-build-7 jim-panamera-build-8 jim-panamera-stock JRW_7040-X3 JRW_7042-X3 JRW_7043-X3 JRW_7049-X3 JRW_7055-X3 JRW_7058-X3 JRW_7060-X3 JRW_7061-X3 JRW_7064-X3 JRW_7072-X3 JRW_7078-X3 JRW_7083-X3 JRW_7087-X3 JRW_7093-X3 JRW_7094-X3 JRW_7097-X3 JRW_7099-X3 JRW_7100-X3 JRW_7102-X3 JRW_7105-X3 JRW_7107-X3 JRW_7108-2-X3 JRW_7111-X3 JRW_7116-X3 JRW_7120-X3 JRW_7127-X3 JRW_7129-X3 JRW_7131-X3 JRW_7132-X3 JRW_7141-X3 JRW_7147-X3 JRW_7150-X3 JRW_7152-X3 JRW_7153-X3 JRW_7154-X3 JRW_7155-X3 JRW_7156-X3 FullSizeRender(2) jim-panamera-stock

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