Magnuson Toyota Tundra Supercharger Installed at HG Motorsport

The Magnuson supercharger kit for the Toyota Tundra is the best thing to ever happen to the 5.7L V8 engine.  The supercharger takes your Tundra to 550hp & 550lbs-ft.  Magnuson offers 2 different supercharger kits for the Tundra.  One kit is for the Flex Fuel vehicles and one is for the Non Flex Fuel usually found in California.  Flex Fuel allows for the use of E85 gasoline.  We call it poor mans race gas!  But when it comes time for your supercharger kit, its 91 octane or better.  One of the big differences between the 2 supercharger kits is the installation.  The Non FFV vehicle requires the fuel tank to be dropped so you can change out the fuel pump.  Magnuson provides all the necessary components including the BullyDog tuner for the kit to work.  The Non FFV kit takes about 20 hours for installation where the FFV kit is only 10 hours as you dont need to change the fuel pump. View installation instructions here.

Up from the stock 381hp and 401ft/lbs of torque, the bolt on supercharger kit is night and day different from the TRD branded kit that was once offered.  This is because of the custom calibration Magnuson has developed with BullyDog. Having personally driven both vehicles, the truck now has no issue getting out of it’s own way and ripping up to redline.  Turn off traction control and expect to light those rear tires up!  But beyond having more performance than the new Ford Raptor, the supercharger kit can help in towing with the additional torque.  Because the kit is belt driven, you are always into boost.  This keeps the power instantaneous and modular unlike a centrifugal supercharger or turbo kit.  If you are not towing, no worries, the truck with control of your foot can drive like normal and is very reliable.  With the change in calibration, some have even reported seeing an improvement in gas mileage.  This is usually do to the fuel trims being changed to be more leaner.  For those of you in California, have no fear, this is totally legit!  Each Magnuson kit includes a CARB certified sticker that is mated to your VIN.

Magnuson also offers an extended warranty for only $475 that covers your full powertrain for 5 years or 60,000 miles.  They already give you a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty which is better than any other system for any vehicle out there.  Vivid Racing is a certified retailer of all Magnuson Supercharger Kits.  Our friends and partners, HG Motorsport in San Diego, are a great installation choice for those located in California. Having had the experience of installing the Magnuson Tundra Kit, Vivid Racing highly recommends contacting them for installation services.  Photos are courtesy of one of their recent installations.

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