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Exclusive WP Pro Ceramic Brake Upgrades For Nissan R35 GTR Through Vivid Racing

We have had one of the largest client bases for the Nissan GTR R35 since the vehicle was released in 2007. We pride ourselves in offering some of the best performance parts and upgrades for this platform. Our company is a forum sponsor for GTR Life which has connected us with many people in the GTR community. With the business we have done, we have gained no only friends, but vendors who want to work with us to provide the best parts at the best price. James@vividracing.com runs the GTR forum and has done a great job helping all of our customers get their performance parts they need in a timely manner.

The Factory brakes on the Nissan GTR are nothing to be frowned upon. The Brembo supplied calipers, rotors and pads do very well in the stopping department for most people. But for those who have aggressive driving techniques and or track the vehicle, there are improvements to be made. These ceramic upgrade kits have fairly similar stopping power during low speed (less than 60mph) but the improvement comes from high speed stopping distance. These brakes stop sooner from 60+ MPH and have little to no fade after extended use. In addition to better stopping distances, the rotor life of this kit is extended tremendously, even tripling that of the factory component. If you need a brake upgrade or even a replacement of stock components, it makes more sense financially to purchase a full WP Pro kit and get extended life and performance. To get our special Vivid Racing deal, please contact James for our most up to date pricing. The savings are quite amazing!

NS35CCRP20XDCC  WP Pro Drilled Carbon Ceramic Upgrade Kit Rear Nissan GT-R R35 09-17   $8,500.00  $8,245.00  
NS35CC20XDCC  WP Pro Drilled Carbon Ceramic Upgrade Kit Front Nissan GT-R R35 09-17   $8,500.00  $8,245.00  

Now we will show you full detailed pictures of the WP Pro Ceramic upgrade kit vs the stock components. User gta88ws6 from GTR life have provided a detailed comparison and shows before and after photos from the upgrade. Check out the photos below and see what your GTR is truly capable of.
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