VR Performance VW MK7 GTI Catback Exhaust System Installation Guide

This guide is to help with the installation of the VR Performance Catback Exhaust for VW GTi Mk7.



  1. Remove 4 bolts holding brace and put to the side to be re-installed later.AP-MK7-170_Install_5
  2. Unbolt factory slip fit clamp. Then push 3 hangers out of the bushing to remove the factory system.AP-MK7-170_Install_2AP-MK7-170_Install_6AP-MK7-170_Install_7AP-MK7-170_Install_8
  3. Once removed find the hanger on the drive side that is unused on the factory system. Add the provided bushing.AP-MK7-170_Install_10AP-MK7-170_Install_11
  4. Install the small slip fit pipe with clamps onto the factory. Then add the mid-pipe with a larger resonator towards the front of the car and place it on the hanger with the bushing. Loosely clamp.AP-MK7-170_Install_12AP-MK7-170_Install_13AP-MK7-170_Install_14
  5. Add the next resonator section and then Y pipe. Loosely clamping in place and inserting hangers into bushings.AP-MK7-170_Install_15
  6. Install tips and clamps loosely.AP-MK7-170_Install_16AP-MK7-170_Install_18AP-MK7-170_Install_19
  7. Working from back to front tighten clamps and adjust exhaust into position.gti_mk7_AP_Exhaust-6gti_mk7_AP_Exhaust-3
  8. Re-Install the crossbar and 4 bolts.AP-MK7-170_Install_5
  9. Congratulations you have installed the VR Performance VW GTi Mk7 Exhaust.gti_mk7_AP_Exhaust-19