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What Makes the Hamann Unique Forged Wheel Special?

The aptly named Unique Forged wheel by Hamann is really unique in a way that you wouldn’t find it in any other wheel manufacturer’s brochure. It doesn’t even look closely enough some other wheels the same most wheel designs in the aftermarket wheel industry. It almost feels patented.

Because none other than premium wheels can bring the power of a vehicle to the street safely and a wild yet very controllable nature via a few square inches of contact with the road. Hence, the high-performance tuner always, always pays grave attention to wheels. And Hamann has paid grave attention to the Unique Forged wheel.

Advantages of a Forged Wheel

  • Cast wheels are inherently porous; forged wheels aren’t thanks to the heat and pressure they undergo
  • Less material is needed to achieve the desired structural integrity, resulting in a significantly lighter wheel
  • The forging process makes these wheels stronger, more durable and more resistant to corrosion and oxidation
  • Forged wheels tend to have greater overall vehicle performance and enhanced fuel efficiency

Hamann is one of the biggest names among the refiners of exclusive cars. Equipped with an intelligent staff, convincing technology, and captivating aesthetics, they trigger admiration wherever they appear: on race tracks, streets, or car parks a la Concours d’Elegance. Just about everywhere you think nice cars will pop up.

The Hamann unique Forged is fabricated with the modern forged technology & protected by a tough yet beautiful anodized finish. The dynamic shape and delicate upsilon cross spokes not only render a dramatic appearance, but offers an even weight distribution ensuring the highest bearing loads.

It is available in 21 and 22-inch diameters to don the exteriors of ultra-luxury vehicles like the Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Range Rover. It is only available in a Black Anodized finish.

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