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Vivid Racing: Mirror Covers and Upgrades

In modern times, technology is strongly influenced by car mirrors. You'll find such beautiful styles to choose from in-car mirrors with beautiful and magnificent covers that you can't imagine and such a stunning range. It is common for car mirrors to be broken in collisions, loosened due to incorrect installation, or scratched by road hazards in the case of outer mirrors. Being aware of the different mirror styles available will save time and support your budget when it's time to replace a car mirror.

For manual or remote vertical and horizontal adjustment, the side mirror is fitted with mirror covers to provide sufficient coverage for drivers of varying height and seated position. The remote modification may be manual through Bowden cables or even electric through geared motors. The mirror glass can also be pressurized electrically, which may include electrochromic dimming to decrease eyestrain from the headlamps of the following vehicles to the driver. The side mirror gradually integrates the turn signals repeaters for the car. There's real data indicating that mirror-mounted repeaters may be more efficient than repeaters mounted at the predominant fender side location.


There are different types and these include the interior driver’s, side, front view and rearview mirrors.

Driving Mirror

Inside the vehicle, the driving mirror is placed above the driver's seat. It lets one see what's next to the vehicle. It lets a driver measure the distance between the vehicle and the one behind it.

Side Mirror

Another type is the car wing or door mirrors, usually called side mirrors. Typically, they're put on car doors and have a mirror cover protecting the side of the mirror facing the road.. To certify a car as roadworthy to travel on public roads, they must be equipped and in working condition.

Rear View Mirror

This is normally found on flat-ended vehicles. By projecting images to the interior driving mirror, they provide a view of objects at the closest range to your vehicle. Many cars have cameras that play this function, or sensors that offer alarms that can differentiate between the different artifacts.

Front View Mirror

Front view mirror also displays pictures of what is next to your vehicle. This is used next to the rear-view mirror and should be used before the car starts. Once you start driving, use them only sparingly, as the interior and side mirrors perform their function.

Why Upgrade to Vivid Racing’s Mirrors?

  • Flat Mirrors are the default side-view mirrors that are preinstalled in most cars before the 90s. With the Vivid Racing’s side-view mirror and added mirror cover as an upgrade, it shows a real picture of the space next to your vehicle, showing distances as they really are. Because flat glass can be made more easily and are typically easy to replace.
  • Vivid Racing’s Mirror allows drivers the ability to park better using the side mirrors and rearview mirrors
  • The company’s side and rearview mirrors can be adjusted EASILY so that they provide a clear line of sight to the rear and sides of a vehicle, which allows drivers to parallel park, back into space, and exit a parking space.
  • Vivid Racing’s side mirrors contains a durable and quality product of mirror covers. It has a premium surface, colorfast trough back prints with easy installation through preassembled, double-sided adhesive tape. This prevents also from surrounding debris to scratch your mirror covers.
  • The company is dedicated to preventing any accidents and loss of lives by providing high-quality mirrors that can be an aid to our drivers while touring.

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