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Boost Gauge

Why Put Boost Gauges?

A boost gauge is a pressure gauge that shows the pressure of the air manifold in an internal combustion engine, or a turbocharger or supercharger. They are commonly placed on the bumper, on the side pillar of the driver, or on a slot for the radio. All turbochargers and superchargers are engine-driven air compressors - respectively electronically-driven or mechanically driven - which provide various levels of boost depending on engine speed, load, etc. Fairly frequently within a given list of various boost pressures, there is indeed a powerband which is an aid to performance cruising to be aware of when that power band is confronted, in the same way, a driver wants to be conscious of the engine's rotational speed.

Vivid Racing's Aftermarket Boost Gauge Selections

  • AEM Electronics
  • APEXi
  • APR
  • Alba Racing
  • Autometer
  • Banks Power
  • Blitz
  • Buddy Club
  • Cyberdyne
  • Defi Gauges
  • Go Fast Bits
  • Greddy
  • KMD Tuning
  • P3Cars
  • Perrin
  • ProSport
  • RennTech
  • Revel
  • Speedhut
  • Synapse Engineering
  • Turbosmart


The most widely used auto boost gauges for gas-powered vehicles with stock turbos are 15 or 30 PSI boost/vacuum. Many gas vehicles can produce higher levels of pressure levels and necessitate a 35 PSI or higher car boost measurement.

Diesel Boost Gauges

If you're a diesel engine driver with a predominantly stock truck, you'll be best suited to the 35 PSI truck boost gauge, which allows a user to view stock pressure levels around 20 PSI, but it also has the capacity to track up to 35 PSI if you finely adjust the turbo. A new diesel truck may report higher rates of boost pressure and would most profit from using a reading gauge of 60 PSI.

Mechanically Driven | Electronically Driven

Our mechanically driven boost gauges obtain pressure readings through with a vacuum tube that goes straight from the gauge to the intake manifold of the vehicle, while our electronically controlled boost gauges use a detector installed directly at the intake manifold which sends a signal to the gauge.

For any vehicle running a turbo or supercharger, boost gauges can be necessary. Vivid Racing offers a variety of electronically and mechanically driven boost gauges through which you can choose the boost or boost/vacuum gauge that will best allow you to monitor your vehicle's boost and/or compression levels. If you are searching for a Diesel Boost Gauge, Turbo Gauge, or another Gauge-style from our catalog, Vivid Racing will certainly have the sort of Boost Gauge you are searching for.

Benefits You Can Get from Vivid Racing's Aftermarket Boost Gauges

  • Vivid Racing ensures that your boost gauge's excessive pressure is not being generated when boost pressure is being modified to levels higher than OEM standard on a production turbocharged car
  • With these boost gauges, they are capable of high horsepower turbo gas engines and turbo-diesels that run a lot of boosts
  • Aftermarket boost gauges from Vivid Racing have amazing looks, improved readability and a host of fresh, easy-to-use features
  • Out boost gauges help you track boost, and a trustworthy brand is critical to pick. Too much boost running could damage your engine and cause piston failure. Our gauges can also help you detect leaks that can be as worrying as over boosting as they can be

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