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Boost Logic Lightweight Drag Racing Rear Brake Kit Nissan GT-R R35 2009-2021


Boost Logic

Model #02010202

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In building a drag oriented Nissan GT-R, Boost Logic wrapped their heads around designing a brake kit that can work with the R35 GT-R to get rid of the factory Brembo brakes for something that would put the car on a diet and allow 15" wheels for better sidewall tire options.

This kit is designed specifically for drag racing and will require a parachute. The weigh savings are tremendous, especially to note the losses are unsprung weight.

Nissan Factory Brakes Weight:

  • OEM Brembo Caliper - 11.4 lbs
  • OEM Rear Caliper - 10.2 lbs
  • OEM Front Rotor w/Pads - 25 lbs
  • OEM Rear Rotor w/Pads - 26.2 lbs
  • TOTAL = 145.6 lbs

Boost Logic Drag Brakes Weight:

  • Boost Logic Front Caliper w/ Pads and Bracket - 4.8 lbs
  • Boost Logic Front Rotor - 10 lbs
  • Boost Logic Rear Rotor - 6.2 lbs
  • Boost Logic Rear Caliper w/ Pads and Bracket - 4.8 lbs
  • TOTAL = 51.6 lbs

The Boost Logic Drag Brake Kit reduces the car weight by 94lbs total with 83.2lbs being rotational mass! (Read up on rotational weight HERE) These smaller Rotors & Calipers have also allowed Boost Logic to run a 15" Wheel in the rear with the correct offset to get the biggest tire possible planted to the ground. Due to the spindle in the front being so large, Boost Logic are not able to run a 15" so they recommend a 17" or 18" wheel.


  • Drag Racing specific light weight kit
  • Reduce rotational mass by over 83 pounds
  • 100% Bolt-on kit (slight modification to rear dust shields required)


  • Nissan GT-R (R35) All Models 2009-2021

NOTE: Designed specifically for drag racing where a parachute is required!

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/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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About Boost Logic

Founded in 2003, Boost Logic is a leader in forced induction solutions for the high-end automobile market. With a solid reputation for building some of the fastest and most reliable aftermarket packages for exotic sports cars, Boost Logic strives to provide the very best customer experience. Moreover, the company is world-renowned for its skilled craftsmanship and horsepower addiction. So whether you are looking to build a 7-second drag car or a killer streetcar, Boost Logic is your one-stop shop for everything you need to take your ride to the next level. Boost Logic’s name defines its mission which is “horsepower without compromise”. The brand strives to never compromise drivability for performance.

Since its inception, Boost Logic has been dedicated to producing the highest quality products for the automotive aftermarket tuning industry. The company, bred from racing enthusiasts, has grown to become synonymous with the highest horsepower cars all around the globe. Boost Logic employs only the best-trained professionals with unmatched levels of expertise and experience to develop, research, and fabricate all the parts you need. The staff is made up of diehard enthusiasts with a burning desire for speed and perfection, which is evident in the reliability, build quality and craftsmanship of Boost Logic products.

Boost Logic Products and Records

Turbocharging is Boost Logic’s forte and its roots began with the famous Toyota Supra platform. The company’s first products included turbo kits that were capable of raising the factory 320 horsepower output to striking new levels. These products in particular grew to be extremely popular and undeniably contributed to Supra’s notorious reputation for being a street king. With more than a decade of experience with the JZA80 platform, Boost Logic explored the bounds of the 2JZ engine and Supra drivetrain as well as pushed the platform to where it is today.  

Many of Boost Logic’s records in racing still stand to this day, long after the brand stopped racing Supras competitively. It has also developed industry-leading packages for the 996 Porsche 911 Turbo, 997 Turbo, and 991 Turbo. The brand is constantly expanding its profile to include other models as well, most recently the powerful R35 GTRs. Boost Logic has also ventured into manufacturing parts for exotic cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Unleash the Power with Boost Logic

If you are looking to release the potential power of your vehicle, then look no further than Boost Logic. It’s all in the name and the company’s history of record-setting vehicles furthers the notion. Vivid Racing carries a wide selection of Boost Logic parts, including big brake kits, catbacks, headers, intercoolers, mid-pipes, performance turbos, intakes, widebody kits, and much more! If you cannot find a particular product above or have any general questions, please call our sales team at (480) 966-3040.

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