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Boost Logic Supra TT Auto Upgrade Transmission Toyota Supra 93-02


Boost Logic

Model #03011501

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This transmission was tested and developed on BoostLogic??'s 9 sec@142mph daily driven street Supra. This transmission has been tested for over 25,000 miles and counting, as the Supra it was tested on is a daily driver. More than 40 low 10 second passes have been made on this transmission and it still drives like the day it was put in. It shifts FIRMLY and INSTANTLY. It doesn???t shift too hard to daily drive but will HOLD the power at the track. Hundreds of cars have been using this transmission and are loving it. The price of this transmission does not do justice to the level of performance this transmission puts out. The transmission is half the price compared to other competitors and is PROVEN to run 9 s in the 1/4 mile. A working core exchange is required. Call for more details.

Our transmissions now include a proprietary BILLET AL6061 Forward Clutch Piston in all of our built transmission.

List of Single Turbo Cars running Boost Logic Built Transmissions:

Sam Mahdavi(Mahdavi Motorsports) 9.4 @150mph
Yamil Widy(AAP) 9.6@148mph
Duy Bui 9.9@144mph
Jason Crooks 10.0@140
Dan Dixon 9.02 @ 157mph
Sean Ivey 9.84 @ 147mph

9 out of the top 10 Fastest Stock twin turbo cars run the Boost Logic Transmission.

Instructions On Running the BL Built Toyota Transmission

How to make sure the transmission and upgraded torque converter is operating properly:

1) The transmission uses Toyota Type T4 Fluid.

  • A Toyota Transmission Engineer, states: "The reason the TT A340i uses TIV is because those trans have flex lockup and "intelligence" control. The "i" means the ECM monitors input and output shaft timing to maintain constant shift speed over its life. The ECM s control calibration is matched to the TIV s fluid s friction coefficient and temperature characteristics. Any Toyota transmission with flex lockup (duty cycles linear solenoid at low speed and load) uses that fluid. Otherwise dexron III is used. The clutches and seals are the same. Using dexron in a TIV trans could cause shift flare, shock or lockup shudder. The Toyota stuff is very high quality (mineral based) and really not that inexpensive. There really isn t a "universal fluid". Using that train of thought would be like saying all spark plugs are the same."

2) The transmission fluid level is measured with the car running and in neutral.

3) The traction ECU is taken out and traction ECU removed. It is normal for the O/D light to blink.

4) Transmission temperatures should range from 170 to 210 degrees depending on cruise or wide open throttle.

Transmissions running on AEM:

1) Timing HAS to be less than 6 degrees of timing between shifts. This will ensure the longevity of the transmission. Each car will be different as to how quick the timing will be ramped back in. Doing this incorrectly will result in a slow vehicle. Please ensure that proper professional tuning has been contracted. We recommend tuning by Justin from Tuning Concepts (

Instructions on doing a burnout without breaking the 2nd gear sprag:

Stock ECU Equipped Cars:
  • Place the car in 1st gear. Do the burnout ONLY in first. Shifting to 2nd can cause you to roll the sprag.

AEM ECU Equipped Cars:
  • Press the MANU button .Place the car in 1st gear and do the burnout. If you do not use the MANU button, the transmission will go through the gears as normal even if the shifter is placed into 1st gear.

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