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Brake Brackets

Brake Brackets

First and foremost a brake caliper bracket or brake abutment is where brake caliper bracket with brake pad clips the buck, err the brake pad stops. You apply your brakes which forces the brake pads against a revolving brake rotor. The combination of rotation sideways squeezing force tends to move the brake pad until it’s stopped against a solid surface. That stopping component is called a brake caliper bracket or a brake abutment.

A brake caliper bracket mounts to the steering knuckle and acts as both a stopping surface for the brake pads as well as a caliper mounting device. A brake abutment, on the other hand is built into the steering knuckle itself. The brake caliper also mounts to the steering knuckle.

When corrosion builds in the caliper bracket bore, one or both caliper pin may seize in the bore, preventing the brake caliper from releasing. Or, if just one caliper pin seizes, that can cause the caliper to apply uneven pressure resulting in tapered brake pad wear or inboard versus outboard pad wear.

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