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Why Upgrade Your Brake Pads?

Brakes are the most important safety features in pretty much all vehicles. As you can imagine, without the ability to stop quickly, cars would be incredibly dangerous and pretty much unusable. When it comes to high-performance cars and trucks, a standard braking system just won’t cut it. You need a braking system which can consistently offer you the extreme braking performance required for high-speed driving.. Brake upgrades such as high-performance aftermarket brake pads are a great way to improve braking performance.

How Brake Pads Work

Brake pads are the components of the brake system which grip on the rotors to make your car stop. Every brake pad is built differently and uses different materials. Some brake pads are designed to provide maximum braking performance at the cost of excessive wear and some brake pads are designed to last as long as possible.

Brake pads can be constructed from various materials. The kind of material used in its construction will determine the amount of friction it produces. It also determines how good it will be at resisting brake fade. Brake fade is the reduction in stopping power which is caused by excessive heat in the pads and rotors. This is particularly true during heavy loads or high-speed driving.

The brake pad’s material also decides the amount of brake dust it generates. Brake pads with low levels of dust can keep your wheels clean for long periods of time.

Benefits of Installing Performance Brake Pads

There are plenty of potential benefits you can enjoy from upgrading to high-performance brake pads. One of them is having brake pads that are a lot more resistant to fading compared to factory brakes. This means that you’ll enjoy an improved performance at the track or during spirited drives on the road since these pads grip better once they become hot.

High performance brake pads possess superb grip and pedal feel. It can also maintain this level of performance during the entire braking sequence. But these brake upgrades don’t just work effectively amidst serious heat and loads, they also possess excellent durability. Additives like copper are mixed into performance brake pads to make them even more durable.

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