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Looking to add some muscle to your factory brakes? Install a big brake kit (BBK) on your car or truck today, and see the difference! Oversized tires and larger-than-stock wheels require a BBK. Often times, factory wheels don’t provide the necessary clearance for big brake upgrades. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your current wheel size is compatible with the big brake kit. It should indicate the minimum wheel size on its packaging or product description. The kit includes the calipers, rotors, pads, brake lines and mounting hardware. Some of these kits even work with your stock calipers, which makes the installation process a breeze.

Bigger isn’t always better; but when it comes to brakes, size does matter. This is because braking performance depends greatly upon how much surface area the break pads have to bite into. Big brake kits provide you with wider rotors for greater brake leverage. Larger pads and brake discs result in shorter stopping distances. Furthermore, the increased surface area allows for more heat dispersal. It is important to note that excessive heat is the enemy of braking effectiveness.

Aside from shorter stopping distances and heat displacement, one of the main benefits of installing a BBK on your vehicle is piston variances. In a big brake system, you will have a different piston design than the factory one. This results in more efficient braking due to an increase of pad pressure from the caliper design, as well as the grade of pistons driving the pads. Just make sure that the brakes are properly calibrated as a means of avoiding side or cross braking from unbalanced brake pressure. Another benefit of a BBK is firmer brake pedal pressure and brake modulation.

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