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Breath Guard Deflectors

Breath Deflector

Motorcycle riding is as fun as it is full of dangers. It is therefore strongly recommended to wear protective gear and the helmet is one of its most important pieces. Shielding your head is designed to prevent serious injuries and even to save your life. There are a variety of accessories on the market that are designed to upgrade your headgear for safer and more comfortable rides. Shield fogging is quite a common cold problem when your warm breath comes in contact with the cold surface of the shield that causes condensation on the surface of the shield. This is very likely to obstruct your view and create unsafe driving conditions. Breath deflectors solve the problem.

Typically, this little accessory is attached to the chin bar of your helmet and covers your nose and mouth. It channels your warm breath down and out of your helmet shield, preventing it from fogging. Another advantage of this box is that it keeps your mouth and nose warmer when the mercury drops.

Why Should I Buy Racing Helmets?

If you decide to head to the track, whether it is an autocross in a large parking lot or a time-trial event at a closed-course race track, you will need more than just your car keys and driving skills. You are going to need a helmet. Most sanctioning bodies from drag strips to local autocross events require some sort of certified helmet.

One thing you wish you never will need is a helmet. Many people call this safety device "crash helmet," something that you definitely never want to use it for, but for which it is meant to be used. Such helmets are really important to shield the brain during a crash.

What Should I look for in a Helmet?

There are various choices to consider when purchasing a helmet. The first is the certification. You 're going to want to look for a Snell SA rating for most auto racing enthusiasts. You should understand how helmets are classified, and when you shop around you can see a few different decals in helmets.

A D.O.T. decal is really motorcycle helmets on the public roads. You will see an M rating which is again for motorcycles and you will also see an SA rating. The SA rating also comes with a year associated with it. The year listed on the decal isn’t the year the helmet was manufactured, it is the Snell standards associated with that particular year. You may also run across F.I.A. ratings which come out of Formula 1 and Europe.

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