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Brian Crower Stroker Kit 4.000 Inch 4340 Forged Crank ProH2K Rods Custom CP Pistons Unbalanced Chevrolet LS Series

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Brian Crower

Model #BC0460

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Custom, specify cylinder head, bore size and compression ratio - Includes 4340 forged crank (4.000" stroke) w/58 tooth reluctor wheel, ProH2K rods (6.125" c-to-c), custom CP or JE pistons - Balanced

Brian Crower stroker kit that not only increases your overall displacement for more horsepower and torque, but also delivers strength and reliability using only the highest quality parts.

Stroker kit designed for larger displacement.


  • 4340 crankshaft
  • 4340 steel billet rods and custom pistons with pins, rings and locks


  • Chevrolet LS Series

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