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OEM Transmission Bushings


Genuine car transmission bushings are small rubber or polyurethane suspension components that isolate vibration, buffer the ride, and reduce friction between metal components on your vehicle. While control arm bushings (also known as A-arm bushings or wishbone bushings) and sway bar bushings are the most common, bushings are also found between your vehicle's suspension and frame in a variety of other locations. Due to the fact that bushings isolate vibration and reduce friction between metal components, the sound of failed bushings is typically audible. Excessive vibration and road noise in the vehicle's cabin, excessively loose steering, and any type of frame rattling upon impact are all indications that your suspension bushings may be due (or overdue) for replacement. As with any other component of your suspension system, it is preferable to replace bushings prior to failure.


A typical transmission mount consists of a urethane or rubber bushing secured to a bracket via bolts, welding, or bonding. Additionally, a rubber bushing can be referred to as a flexible mounting or an anti-vibration mounting. The transmission mount helps to keep the transmission system in your vehicle in position. They maintain alignment between the transmission and the engine and its driveshaft. They are designed to be sturdy and stable enough to distribute the transmission's weight evenly. Likewise, the mount reduces engine vibration transmission to the vehicle's chassis. If the transmission mount fails, it results in a loss of transmission stability, increased vibrations in the engine driveshaft, and significant misalignment between the transmission and driveshaft. These factors can shorten the life of your transmission gears and shafts, resulting in their failure. Moreover, because the transmission mount is in charge of stabilizing the transmission's weight, a damaged mount could result in the transmission housing breaking or bending due to instability. A damaged transmission mount should be replaced immediately to avoid severe damage to your vehicle's transmission unit and other components.


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