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Cargo Boxes | Truck, SUV, Car, Jeep, ATV, & UTV

Truck bed cargo boxes are essential for those who work with their hands and drive pickup trucks because they provide ample, safe, and secure storage for their equipment. Even if you don't require tools for your job, a cargo box still seems to be handy for storing stuff like jumper cables, cargo nets, tie-downs, gloves, etc., because many pickup trucks lack storage capacity.

A craftsman wishing to improve or enhance ability or a truck owner who wants more storage space will find the cargo box they're searching for in our wide choice of options.

Do Cargo Boxes Keep My Equipment Safe?

Leaving tools lying about in a truck bed is asking for trouble. Not only will they go lost, but they will rot and become unusable due to exposure to the weather. A truck bed cargo box makes tools safe, orderly, and convenient to use.

ATV and golf cart cargo boxes are also available, as are ATV and semi-truck cargo boxes, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate a variety of tools and equipment. They can be mounted in various locations and come in a variety of finishes and constructions to suit your preferences as well as your budget.

Endless Options For Our Cargo Boxes

Cargo boxes that lay on the back of a truck's bed rails are crossovers or cross-bed boxes. It's possible to get these boxes in a variety of shapes: standard (low profile), shallow (deep), narrow (wide), wedge (corner), or stair (corner) notches if you need to clear wheel wells in the bed.

Pick a good crossover with gull-wing lids that extend outward from the truck's sides for convenient access to the cargo box components. Crossover boxes with a rail link to the lid's edge are also available, allowing you to transport and secure other stuff.

Wide Selection of Cargo Boxes

While crossover boxes are still a popular alternative, our virtual shelves have a far more comprehensive range of storage possibilities. You may want to explore adding side mount boxes attached to the bed rails and come in standard, compact design, and broad designs with single or double covers if a crossover doesn't have storage space for your needs.

Since they take up less space and can be customized to provide a range of access and storage options, top-mount boxes are a go-to for contractors since they give them more area in the truck's bed for goods. We also provide a wide variety of specialty boxes to meet your specific storage requirements.

You can install these boxes over a large area of a vehicle's wheel well, or they can be installed over the back portion of the wheel well, and some feature both lids and storage drawers. You may still use your truck's bed with our pull-out drawer storage solutions that connect directly to the bed, allowing you to transport up to 2,000 pounds on top of the box with the strength and low profile necessary to do so.

If so, what kind of vehicle do you use to tow it? With our V-Shaped boxes, you may still have storage space. Carriers for conduits that could also be used for lengthy equipment and wheel well gun cases that are excellent for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts are also available.

We provide a wide range of transport and storage options, not limited to only pickup vehicles. We have underbody cargo boxes with either drop-down or swing-out openings or behind the cab boxes that open from the sides for commercial trucks. Side-mounted cargo boxes that include stairs and in-frame cargo boxes between the frame rails are available for big rigs.

For recreationists, farmers, rangers, security staff, and more, ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) and UTV (Utility Task Vehicles), also widely recognized as side-by-sides, are the cars and trucks of choice. Still, whether you're toting equipment to a campground or a job site, we have the cargo boxes that are specifically tailored for these vehicles and also boxes for golf carts.

Made With Top-of-the-Line Materials

Almost all of our cargo boxes are heavy diamond plate aluminum, usable in bright or powder-coated color finishes. Steel, stainless steel, and rigid, durable plastics, such as polyethylene and ABS composite, are all options for our boxes.

The seals on the lids and doors of truck cargo boxes prevent water from penetrating the box and creating rust, corrosion, or other harm. Thanks to heavy-duty hinges and one or more gas struts, the lid may be opened and closed with ease. Additionally, all of our cargo boxes are equipped with keyed locks to keep your belongings safe and sound. Many boxes have trays, sections, and drawers so that you can find the tool you need when you need it.

Hardware for connecting truck cargo boxes is usually included. Crossover boxes that connect to the bed rails may be placed using only hand tools in most cases, although drilling may be necessary in some cases to attach screws to the fittings. In addition, we provide cargo boxes that may be installed beneath a tonneau cover, even if you already have a full tonneau.

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