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What is a Center Cap?

A center cap or centercap is a decorative disk that covers a central portion of the surface on an automobile axle. The early center caps for automobiles were small and worked primarily to keep dirt away from vehicle spindle nut and wheel bearings. Center caps are also used to conceal the lug nuts and/or the bearings on new vehicles. Center caps are a kind of hubcap, while the other primary kind is wheel cover. Some modern center caps are kept on the wheel by means of spring clips while others are maintained by the wheel lugs or other threaded fasteners.

If you're an automobile owner and have a center cap, it's important to learn how to repair one without a car owner or mechanic assisting. It is comparatively easy to install a center cap on a drum. This is because, with so little effort, it falls into place. Removing the caps in the middle can be a little more difficult. This method takes a few moments and can be very simple or it can involve removal of the wheel.

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and many more. Just browse the website and bring yourself home a good-looking center cap.

Why Choose Aftermarket Center Caps?

Your tires meet all kinds of dirt and debris while driving. By getting the center caps, you have peace of mind that your wheels are not harmed by gravel, rocks and other debris.

Regardless of whether you have inexpensive tires or pricey ones, you want them to last as long as possible. By placing center caps on each axle, you can mitigate and even reduce the damage which will significantly improve the lifetime of your wheels.

Center caps are also useful in securing the wheel bolts and nuts against rust and corrosion. It makes it much simpler to fix a flat tire, or when it is time to remove a wheel.