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Champion Motors is a vehicle importer. It sells new Audi, Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen vehicles, among others. Additionally, the company provides parts and services. For their customers, Champion Motorsport designs and manufactures world-class, long-lasting wheels and car accessories. Champion Motorsport is a company that specializes in racing, repair, maintenance, car features, and automobile sales. As a result of their passion and professional knowledge for automobiles, Champion Motorsport has expanded their business globally. Their experience enables them to create not only visually appealing designs, but also authentic, high-quality products that are completely returnable or exchangeable.


Champion Motorsport proven expertise in engineering and manufacturing original equipment components and subsystems for the world's largest automakers, as well as track success, translates into innovative maintenance solutions for professional repair technicians, do-it-yourselfers, and performance enthusiasts. Their unique Performance Filters quickly became the logical choice due to their proven performance in professional racing and their ability to build a custom filter specifically for Werks1. Champion Motorsports components like the Werks1 airbox and ITG filters are purpose-built to maximize airflow through the filter, protect from airborne dust particles, and provide ongoing performance even when dirty. They consist of three layers of reticulated polyester foam with varying densities, which is critical to achieving these goals. Each layer protects against dust particles while allowing for maximum airflow, allowing the Werks1 airbox to consistently deliver clean, cold air to your car's engine. While it's easy to notice the stunning carbon fiber construction and perfect OEM fitment, it's what's hidden on the inside that brings it all together. Champion Motorsports components are designed to improve your vehicle's performance as well as give it its unique appearance.


Their product line includes air filters, airboxes, blow-off valves, brakes, carbon fiber, dampers, springs, electronics, forged alloy wheels, hardware, induction, intercoolers, power kits, shifters, turbochargers, and suspension upgrades.


The Champion Motorsport products included in Vivid Racing are available in a wide range of different styles of five-spoke wheels and split-spoke wheels, such as the x Vossen RS74 forged 21-inch wheel.