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Air Intake? What Are They?

Dumping the OE air filter and air intake system and replacing them with high-flow aftermarket parts is one of the simplest ways to get even more strength and power from your engine. Stock air intake systems, including low intake noise and cost, are built with considerations other than efficiency. Consequently, with restrictive air boxes and intake tubes, and inexpensive paper air filters, most cars come from the manufacturer. From our vast range, pick a device and make your motor come to life.

Air Intake: Air Filter

Just changing the paper air filter is an affordable way to proceed. It cleans the air, all right, but the tiny passages are very restrictive, and the flow gets even worse as dirt accumulates. There are multiple layers of filtration content like cotton gauze in a standard aftermarket performance air filter, which collects dirt without limiting airflow. What is more, it is possible to clean and recycle aftermarket filters, so you get improved engine strength and save money to start.

Although you need to raise the air filter's dimensions to get a boost in airflow, not only is the standard conical air filter used with an aftermarket efficiency air intake built of stronger material, it is also wider and has a much larger specific surface area with much higher airflow than the OE filter. With one of our packages that connects the filter to a versatile, standard intake tube, or connects it to the factory air intake tube, an inexpensive way to get the advantages of a wider filter is. Replacing the restricting OE air intake tube is the next step towards greater airflow.

Air Intake Tubes

The majority of factory air intake tubes are built to reduce air intake noise. Typically, they have uncomfortable twists and audio baffles, which can minimize vibration but limit airflow. Aftermarket intake tubes are built with wider diameters and finer bends, for greater airflow to the throttle body, from mandrel-bent aluminum or molded polyethylene. And if you're a hot rod user, when you step on the gas, you'll find the excessive noise consumption of tunes to your ears. The stock airbox and air intake tube will be replaced by a basic output air intake and mounted in roughly the same location.

For improved combustion, the next step towards more strength and power is to supply the engine with cooler air, which is heavier and produces more oxygen. We sell solutions that use different methods to protect the filter from engine heat so that cooler air can be drawn in. To isolate the filter from engine heat, some devices have walls that lock against the hood. We now have airbox systems that protect the filter from heat but are much bigger than the OE unit so that it can accommodate a much larger filter. Some devices place the air filter outside the engine compartment to access the coldest air or use a scoop to channel air to the filter.

Mass Air Flow

Airflow can be improved to the cylinder head intake ports to get as much horsepower, and we also have the MAF (Mass Air Flow) performance sensors and throttle bodies. High-performance intake manifolds to make that possible. Not only are our MAF sensors wider in diameter, allowing more air to flow through, but they are also optimized to ensure that the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) provides a precise signal so that the air/fuel ratio can be better monitored. And whatever the engine's condition of nature, we have the correct length and texture throttle bodies to maximize airflow and horsepower, as well as provide crisp throttle response, from a slightly hopped-up street machine to an all-out track beast.

Having a defective sensor for mass airflow would limit fuel economy. It could give the ECU the wrong message if the MAF does not operate correctly, causing unnecessary fuel consumption. And while idling, the engine will still burn more gasoline. It might be time to get your engine tested if you find that you fill up your fuel tank more frequently than normal. Luckily, most vehicles have a light for the control engine that illuminates the sensor and engine when something is incorrect. To prevent other problems with your car, it is best to get your vehicle tested as soon as the warning signal emerges.

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