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Clearance Wheel Accessories


Clearance sales provide significant discounts on the entire selection of wheel accessories. These items offer the best value when they are discontinued or relocated to make way for newer models. This does not impact the utility of these selections in any way. Indeed, most of these selections have fewer bugs and issues than the latest products that have not been thoroughly tested. Our clearance section contains a wide variety of products. Additionally, this section contains wheel accessories for your vehicle, such as transmission adapters, centric rings, and wheel spacers. Wheel accessory clearance options are always available to car enthusiasts of all levels.


Automobile accessories are add-ons that are typically used to either upgrade a new vehicle or add style or functionality to an existing vehicle. On this basis, there are two types of car accessories: essential and non-essential. These accessories not only improve the aesthetics of your vehicle, but also its performance. The TPMS monitors wheel pressure levels. If you're running low on inflation, a dashboard warning light will illuminate. Maintaining proper wheel inflation contributes to your safety and wheel longevity.

Wheel spacers and adapters are popular accessories for vehicle upgrades. When you're behind the wheel, wheel spacers are an easy way to improve your vehicle's performance. With this option, the wheel is pushed further away from the chassis, resulting in a wider track and a lower center of gravity. As a result, you'll have more grip as you approach a turn, which will allow for a quicker acceleration response on the exit. To ensure that you can take advantage of this benefit while driving, you must install spacers on all four wheels. The hub-centric ring is a piece of installation equipment that assists in keeping the wheel perfectly centered both during installation and during road use. By utilizing a hub-centric ring, minor vibrations can be reduced. Additionally, with a set of these cool nuts and bolts, customers can customize their wheels on every level. Lug nuts secure the wheels of your car or truck, while bolts guard against theft.


Vivid Racing's clearance sale includes a variety of discounted wheel accessories, including the wheel bearing hub assembly, original center caps, head wheel bolt set, trak spacer, TPMS sensors, plastic end cap sets, drive lock sets, and aluminum locking lug nuts. Vivid Racing is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and ensures that their customers receive the best wheel accessories and upgrades for their application. Our passion is assisting customers in customizing their vehicles. Each individual has a preferred appearance, level of comfort, effect, and expectations, and Vivid Racing ensures that their products meet those criteria while remaining affordable. Our clearance selections are constantly changing, so be sure to check back frequently as there is always something for everyone.