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Clutch Discs


The clutch disc enables a smooth start and rapid gear changes. It separates and connects the engine and power train between the flywheel and the pressure plate. Both sides of these clutch discs feature a high-quality friction lining that is riveted to a carrier plate. The lining used complies with current environmental standards and strikes the optimal balance between performance and service life. The suspension ensures that torque is built up smoothly during start-up and that the lining wears evenly. Six torsion springs are used to dampen the engine's speed and torque fluctuations. Additionally, this reduces transmission noise and wear.


Clutch discs are made of metal and have a frictional surface similar to brake shoes or pads. The lining is woven or molded from a non-organic material that contains soft metal particles such as aluminum or brass. This increases the lining's strength, and a series of radial grooves on the lining's face improves the flywheel's grip on the disc. A splined hub in the disc's center engages with the transmission's input shaft, establishing a mechanical connection between the two. Between the clutch hub and the lining, a group of torsional springs dampens driveline shock and vibration. Between the flywheel and the pressure plate is where the clutch disc is located.

When inserting the clutch disc, it is critical to align it properly with the engine and center it in the flywheel using a mounting mandrel. Lubrication of the hub profiles is critical to their ease of movement on the transmission shaft. Linings must be lubricant-free to prevent the clutch from slipping. In some vehicles, the clutch must be broken in following installation. This is done to ensure optimal performance. In some vehicle types, the wear values must also be reset in order to determine the extent of clutch wear.


Vivid Racing clutch discs offer the market an optimal balance of quality and performance for a variety of automotive applications. Our range includes a diverse range of passenger car and light commercial vehicle clutches for use in a variety of applications. Vivid Racing is committed to providing its customers with high-quality products that incorporate cutting-edge technology. We also guarantee that our products will meet customers' quality, comfort, and strength requirements.