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OEM Clutch Kits


A clutch kit is designed to provide all of the components necessary to repair the clutch on a manual transmission vehicle. Clutch discs are replaceable items that must be changed eventually, regardless of how carefully a vehicle is driven. With the proper clutch kit, you can put the power down on the pavement. Customers can choose from the industry's most reputable brands, such as Eurospare, Exedy, Genuine Audi, Genuine Porsche, Genuine Saab, Valeo, and Sachs, which offer high quality clutch kits. Clutch kits provide your street vehicle with smooth engagement and reduced pedal effort. They deliver quick shifts and increased holding capacity for high-rpm race vehicles, as well as superior low-end power and performance for off-road trucks, tow vehicles, and snow plows. Additionally, they offer clutch kits for circle track, road racing, and even truck pull racing. Whatever vehicle you drive, they have all the clutch kits necessary.


Purchasing a clutch kit is frequently the most efficient, simple, and cost-effective way to replace a damaged or worn clutch. Clutches are necessary for shifting gears and adjusting the drive speed of a manual car. Certain clutch kits include only the clutch disc and plate, while others include the release bearing, central clutch cylinders, and even flywheels. When you turn on your car, your clutch is activated. It's critical that it works properly at all times, assisting you in smoothly changing gears and providing additional power to your vehicle. If you notice something is wrong, it may be time for an upgrade. When it's time to replace your clutch, a clutch kit ensures that you have everything you need. In most cases, clutch kits include a clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel, bearings, and an alignment tool. Purchasing the correct clutch kit is critical, and you've arrived at the right place. They provide development expertise on a global scale for all types of clutch kits. Their clutches are subjected to the most stringent testing criteria and are thoroughly inspected for quality.


Vivid Racing offers an impressive clutch kit selection, including Luk clutch kits. Having a clutch kit with a flywheel on hand provides you with all the necessary parts to replace a broken or faulty clutch and maintain the condition of your car, making them an absolute necessity for any car owner, and the great value products you'll find here won't cost much either. Because a clutch is required to keep the gears shifting smoothly, a faulty or damaged clutch must be replaced immediately. Don't waste time on clutch and flywheel kits that you won't be able to use. Whether you drive a Porsche or require a clutch kit for an Audi, you're sure to find what you're looking for here. We understand that purchasing clutch products can be costly, but we stock affordable replacements to help you get your vehicle back on the road quickly. All of our transmission components, including our clutch products, are manufactured by reputable and trusted manufacturers, which means you can shop with confidence here.