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Clutch Masters TX850 Twin Disc Street Clutch w/Aluminum Flywheel Porsche 996 Turbo | GT2 | GT3 01-05

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Clutch Masters

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It was only a matter of time before Clutch Masters built the ultimate clutch kit for the Porsche 996 and 997 Turbo. With the success of their Stage 3 OEM replacement kits holding 700 horsepower with daily driveability, Clutch Masters wanted to step up their clutch game and release this new 8.5 inch twin disk clutch with flywheel for the Porsche 911 Turbo. This race version of the Twin Disk is recommended only for race use as initial pedal engagement as it requires finesse. The complete clutch weighs an astonishing 23lbs. The stock flywheel alone weighs about 40lbs!

The lightweight flywheel helps improve turbo spool up by reducing rotational weight. As a kit, it is a complete bolt on for the factory clutch and flywheel. This kit is still a push style like the OEM unit. Other systems are a pull type which requires changing the factory clutch hydraulic system. All made in the USA, this clutch kit uses a combination of ceramic and Fiber Tough material to provide excellent driveability. The larger 8.5 inch disks provide a better engagement then the other systems currently on the market. These disks last much longer because of the material and sizing.

If you are the type that likes to abuse your car on the road course or drag strip, these disks will last much longer then carbon ones. And if you still beat it up that bad, a complete rebuild kit with all the parts and hardware you need is available. Twin disks are generally used for those with high horsepower cars. With this clutch kit, we are talking almost 900 horsepower that it can withstand.

Because of the use of precision engineered bearings and the larger diameter twin disks, the clutch relatively has NO chatter compared to those running a standard clutch and lightweight flywheel.

Clutch Masters has been extremely successful with this clutch kit for many platforms as well. Proven on VR s 825 horsepower 997 Turbo, this clutch took that car to 206.2mph at the Texas Mile event. You will NOT be disappointed using this clutch setup in your Porsche and have the confidence drive as hard as you want!

Notes: Turbo Porsche applications come with a SPRUNG disc to work with the OEM DMF or a after market single mass flywheel.
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Vehicle Engine Notes
Porsche 996 GT3/GT3 RS

Porsche 996 TT/GT2

Porsche 997 TT/GT2

Clutch Masters clutches are true High Performance Clutch Systems and are technologically superior to anything currently on the market

To develop a clutch with all the desired performance characteristics for intended applications is the challenge of a high performance clutch company. The Clutch Masters clutch system is unique in the industry. We use Hi-Leverage technology (refer to the Pressure Plate section) in our pressure plates, which significantly increases clamping force with no unnecessary increase in pedal pressure. Discs are designed either with reduced Marcel or a solid hub design to take advantage of our Hi-Leverage pressure plate. The combination of these cutting edge technologies creates the finest clutch system on the market.

Additionally, Clutch Masters, with over 35 years in the industry, has researched hundreds of friction materials and uses only the best materials available for each intended application. By combining the optimum clamping force with the finest friction materials - each with their own unique coefficient of friction - Clutch Masters has developed a line of clutches that provide ultimate performance in virtually any severe environment.

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