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Car Covers and Why You Should Buy One

Your car, truck, or Jeep is one of the biggest investments and assets of your life. While you can't entirely protect it from damage, there are steps you can take to help protect it and keep its value high. For vehicles that are parked for an extended period of time, a car cover stops will keep your paint from fading and scratching, the interior from discoloring and cracking, and your vinyl/convertible tops from disintegrating.

A car cover will also protect your car from getting dirty and wet in the rainy and snowy seasons. This level of protection can make a huge impact on the appearance and value of your vehicle in the long-run, especially if you need to keep it parked for weeks or months at a time.

Theft Protection

A car cover is generally purchased for protection from the elements, but it's also a deterrent that helps keep your vehicle safe from car thieves by keeping the contents inside your car out of sight. It also helps hide the specific make/model of your vehicle, making a thief unsure if it's worth the risk of attempting to steal. If a thief decides they do want to steal your vehicle, the extra time needed to remove your car cover may be the difference between being caught or not.

With so many other uncovered cars, your vehicle is much less likely to get involved than another vehicle without a car cover. It also greatly reduces the chance of items being stolen from inside your vehicle, since the contents of your interior are completely out of sight and can't be seen unless the entire cover is removed. This is a great level of protection for anyone who keeps anything of value, such as tools, in their vehicle.

Element Protection

Dust storms, rain, hail, snow, sun, heat, cold, can break down your paint, tires, and rubber seals. As dust becomes embedded into your paint, it becomes increasingly difficult to properly wash your car without creating thousands of new micro-scratches all over it. Keeping the outside elements off your vehicle will do more to keep your vehicle looking good than any detail job, especially in the long run.

A good example of this would be a dust storm, where tiny dust particles can put hundreds of thousands of micro scratches in your paint. These scratches can be repaired, but it's a timely and expensive process that can be prevented entirely with a car cover.

Another example would be extremely hot or cold weather, which can break down the exterior rubber on your vehicle. Things like window seals, door seals, windshield trim, and windshield wipers will all suffer damage from extreme temperatures or prolonged sun exposure. You wouldn't lay in the sun for weeks at a time without skin protection and neither should your rubber parts!

Different Types of Car Covers

Not all car covers are made equal! Many of them are designed for specific conditions to provide you with the best protection per dollar.

Indoor and outdoor car covers offer different levels of protection. Parking your precious possession in the garage may already seem to be a sufficient measure, but the truth is that it's not just your car that you store in the garage. Neighboring bikes, lawn equipment, patio furniture, and anything else you happen to keep can leave scratches and teeth when you move around.

Too often, a garage doubles as a workspace, which means that you can accidentally cause severe damage to your vehicle's finish while painting, sanding, and doing other kinds of work. We've got indoor covers that keep dirt, dust, and debris away from your car. Many of them feature soft inside liners for added protection. Lightweight, breathable materials allow moisture to evaporate, ensuring no mildew, water, or rust.

  • An indoor car cover is specifically designed for indoor protection, meaning it's mostly designed for water and dust protection. Indoor covers typically offer little protection from UV rays from the sun. These types of covers are typically lighter, easier to store, and less expensive.
  • An outdoor car cover is specifically designed for outdoor protection. With outdoor protection comes the need for UV protection for both the cover and your car. Outdoor covers are also better equipped to protect your car from the rain, but they're also thicker, heavier, and harder to store

Why Buy a Car Cover?

There are a lot of things that could pose a threat to your car's delicate finish. Elements, direct sunlight, and dust may not seem dangerous???until they cause costly damage to the paint job. Protecting your investment with a car cover is one of the best things you can do to keep your showroom looking new.

Essentially, the cover is a barrier between the skin of your vehicle and harmful factors. Prevent the scratches, dings, and discoloration from degrading the appearance of your car. Use one of our covers to protect it against a wide range of hazards and retain its value.

We have to cover all types of vehicles and all environmental conditions. While choosing the right one, choose between universal and custom fit options in the first place. A universal fit design is designed to suit various vehicles of a similar size as its name implies. You get a budget-friendly cover that is certainly better than no protection at all, but it doesn't fit your car snugly, nor does it have specific features like mirror pockets.

Each custom-sewn cover is specifically designed to provide your make and model to ensure a flawless fit. This type also includes provisions for mirrors, antennas, spoilers, and other factory-installed accessories.