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OEM Crankshaft

The crankshaft converts the reciprocating movement of the pistons and connecting rods into rotating motion, which drives the axle shafts, transmission gears, and, eventually, the wheels. In the cylinder block, the crankshaft rotates on its axis. The connecting rods are connected to offset crank throws, allowing the motion to be converted. Low-output engine crankshafts are typically made of cast iron, whereas high-horsepower engines require forged steel.

The bearing chambers on the crankshaft are machined so that they can be maintained in the cylinder block and link the connecting rods' large ends to the crank throws. The crankshaft spins in the block on bearings sustained by a thin film of pressurized oil, and the rods on the crank throw rod journals are held in the same way. Most crankshafts feature counterweights to regulate the engine and balance the weight of the piston and rod components.

To regulate power flow and provide a mounting surface for the clutch assembly, a flywheel is positioned at the rear end of the crankshaft. A flexplate replaces the flywheel to which the torque converter is mounted in automobiles with an automatic gearbox. The starter drive contacts teeth around the circle of both flywheels and flexplates. A vibration damper, also known as a harmonic balancer, is installed on the front of the crankshaft to reduce torsional distortion caused by the engine running. The vibration damper is frequently equipped with accessory driving pulleys.

Symptoms of a Faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor

The engine, together with its components such as the crankshaft position sensor, is one of the most critical aspects of your car. The crankshaft position sensor is responsible for keeping track of the engine's many moving parts, such as the crankshaft, valves, and pistons.

Blinking Check Engine Light

The check engine light is the most typical sign of a faulty crankshaft position sensor. After all, the function of light is to warn you if something is wrong behind the hood so you can repair it. Your check engine light might turn on for a variety of reasons, so whether that's a crankshaft position sensor issue or not, you should get your engine checked out by a specialist.

Stalling and Backfiring

A issue with your crankshaft position sensor, similar to the symptom above, could cause your car to stall and backfire. Stalling is more frequent than backfiring because the engine can be switched off if the crankshaft signal is interrupted. However, based on how long the sign is out and how fast you're going at the time, backfiring is a possibility.

Difficulty in Vehicle Starting

Another major red flag is that you are having trouble starting your vehicle. When you try to start your car, the crankshaft position sensor suddenly begins measuring the crankshaft's position and speed. If this sensor has a problem, it may stop performing this function, and the engine will refuse to start as a result.

Crankshafts are tough, precision-made components that should last the vehicle's lifetime if properly maintained and used. On the other hand, Lax service might result in dirt accumulating between the crank journals and bearings or in reduced oil flow, resulting in scored journals, metal-to-metal contact, greater clearances, and engine knock. In such circumstances, a crank kit, which comprises a completely machined crankshaft and replacement bearings, is usually the most cost-effective repair with the least amount of vehicle downtime.

Another common crankshaft issue is oil leakage at the rear main seal. New seals and seal kits are available for all popular automobiles; but, in extreme situations of wear, the crankshaft seal contact area can become grooved, rendering a replacement seal worthless. If the sealing area is damaged, however, there's no need to replace the crankshaft entirely. Repair sleeves that are press-fit onto the crankshaft, giving a smooth surface for optimum sealing and oil control, are available on our digital shelves.

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