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Differential Components

Replacement Differential Components

In cars and other road vehicles, the differential causes the outer driving wheels to turn quicker than the inner driving wheel during a curve. The mean rotational speed of the two driving wheels is equal to the rotational velocity of the driveshaft. The reduction matches the improvement in one wheel's speed at the other wheel's rate. This is important as the car moves, allowing the wheel that moves along the outside of the curve roll further and smoother than the other.

A vehicle is a complicated device with many components that often have to operate correctly. Differential components can be a problem when it comes to transmitting engine power between the wheels. It is an integrated mechanical system that transfers torque to the drive wheels and lets them spin around each other at various speeds. But the rims must spin at the same pace for the differential and therefore make it difficult to corner.

The differential components tend to be complicated at first glance. But once we realize its purpose, it becomes incredibly easy. The differential on the front axle is usually found in front-wheel-drive vehicles, while it is located between the rear rims in rear-wheel-drive cars. 4WD cars are also fitted with a central differential between the front and rear axles, in addition to the front and rear differentials.

Open and limited-slip differentials (LSD) are the most common types used in today's cars. The open diff has a series of gears allowing the wheels to rotate at different speeds when turning. Each drive wheel gets an equal portion of engine power. The LSD employs several clutches and a spring pack to allow the rims to rotate at different rates, though dividing torque between them unequally while turning. As a rule, the wheel with better traction gets more power.

As a component from the front to the rear axle system, the differential plays a significant part in how the car changes direction. The differential is required to drive a pair of wheels while enabling them to rotate at varying speeds. This feature offers a relative RPM between the pair of wheels. If the inside tire spins 15 RPM less in turn than heading directly, then the outside tire rotates 15 RPM more than heading directly.

For instance, when your car is going from around the corner, the exterior wheel must go quicker than the inside wheel. The differential allocates the same rotational speed on both wheels. This helps the wheels respond to strength or offer traction to increase the wheel's resistance to rotate gradually. The wheel with less resistance is spinning faster.

Some of the cars, such as go-karts, are not fitted with a differential. Throughout this scenario, both driving wheels are required to spin at the very same rate, generally on a standard axle driven by a primary chain-drive mechanism. Front-wheel drive vehicles are built differently in that the axle and the differential mechanism are situated in the transmission axle assemblies or transaxles.

When the time comes, you switch into gear, take a second to appreciate all the strength and torque at your disposal. And think of the large piece of iron and steel named the differential, with gears and bearings rotating to keep you and your rig going. You're not going somewhere without it. Luckily, Vivid Racing has differential professionals and expertise in managing any differential repair you may need.

We carry out a comprehensive inventory of the latest and performance differential components for all manufacturers and models, from light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles to farm, building, and material-moving cars, and more. We have all of your differential parts and accessories to cover, plus bearing and gear kits, remanufacturing, housings, seals, and, of course, gears. Differentials, components, units, and parts can be repaired and remanufactured for any use in differentials.

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