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Dirt Boots

Dirt Boots

The army tanks of moto footwear, dirt bike riding boots are purpose-built to handle the rigors of off-road ventures by providing beefy levels of support and protection. Typically much stiffer than other boots, motocross boots are full height, giving the rider protection from toe to tibia. Buckles are built to take a beating and allowing easy access even when caked with mud and debris. Since sliding is not really a concern in the dirt, protection is focused on ankle bracing and injuries that occur from impacts and sudden stops. Shin plates and reinforced toe boxes protect riders from pegs, branches, kick-starters, and other hazards common to MX bikes. Robust ankle protection secures the rider’s foot, preventing torsion as well as impact-related injuries. Soles are designed specifically to interface with the serrated pegs of off-road bikes while leather or rubber panels on the inside of the boots guard against exhaust burns and give you a better grip on the bike when standing up.

There is only one reason to wear dirt bike boots–they are safer.  They protect your ankle when you are driving at speed and your foot gets caught between the ground and the foot peg.  They protect your calf from touching the hot engine parts and getting burned.  They protect your shins from impact when you crash.  After a helmet, the most important piece of dirt bike protective gear is the boots.

When it comes to buying a new pair of dirt bike boots, make sure they fit your feet correctly and are comfortable. There is a whole heap of different styles and brands out there. Many have all the ‘bells and whistles but if you have feet like a hobbit and the best-looking boots on the rack give you nothing but pain and discomfort. Don’t buy them! You may have to try on a number of different styles before you find the right dirt bike boots for you, but taking the time to do this will reward you with pain-free riding.

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